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We have had our own small family Aga servicing business for

Customer Question

We have had our own small family Aga servicing business for 10 years, we work within the law and work extremely hard, we have a good reputation and 1300 customers who continue to call on our service each year. We had a problem recently where we serviced an Aga and left it running, the customer was not home (as is usual for this chap), the Aga combusted during the afternoon and soot went everywhere (apparently 10k to 25k damage) - we have found out that the customer had washing draped over the Aga and this would have caused the problem but the customers insurance company are still saying it is most probably our fault because the burner was set up wrongly (it wasn't) and it was not seated properly (they would never have been able to diagnose this as the fire brigade pulled the burner out of its housing). Our insurance company are messing about wondering if they want to be bothered with the whole thing as my husband (the OFTEC engineer) had a mate helping him that day and for some reason the housekeeper from the house quotes that 'his apprentice did most of the work' which is thoroughly untrue and she was out of the room for most of the time anyway so how would she have known this to be true? What do we do next? should we get our own solicitor or wait on our insurance and hope we are covered? I did ask our insurers about temporary labour in Jan 2012 and they wrote back to me stating that we have 100 day temporary cover with our particular policy (I have a copy). Even if this is the case, my husband and I feel we are being made scapegoats for the housekeepers mistake of covering the aga with washing as she probably is not insured and in that case their insurers may not want to pay out??
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Joshua replied 4 years ago.

Joshua :

Thanks for your question. Please kindly RATE my answer when you are satisfied

Joshua :

Are you able to show that they did drape these items over the Aga please or is this just a belief on your part?

Joshua :

Is it never recommended to drape items over the Aga or was it just the particular service you were carrying out during which they should not be so draped?