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Ben Jones
Ben Jones, UK Lawyer
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Dear Ben, Thank you for your reply. I get harassed

Customer Question

Dear Ben,

Thank you for your reply.

I get harassed by 2 sisters, Valeria Nateri and Michaela Nateri, in the house with notes in the house and verbally face to face. It first started with Michaela Nateri for now 7 years, now it continues with the sister Valeria Nateri who just go in maybe 10 to 12 months ago.

We do not share the same fridge, however they are aware of what I eat.The last time they complained about the smell of my onions, these onions are closed and in a closed fridge. So I wonder how they smell it and why do they need to get into my fridge. Today I filmed their fridge and filmed an onion !

This is a sharing house, windows should be kept closed when no on is in. The landlady has already written 2 letters to everyone. I kept them. One of the sister, Michaela wants the windows opened 24/24 in the bathroom, kitchen and living room and in her room. One night, very close to midnight in very cold winter in December,I closed the window in the bathroom, Michaela who was was cooking downstairs, was very aggressive pointing with a fork at me. I still went down the stairs to show her that I am not scared of her shouting and we got into a physical argument. She hurt me with the fork. I kept a picture of the scar. I have sent a registered letter to the landlady to inform her about this but nothing was done.

Michaela Nateri leaves her window opened in her room 24/24. These rooms have no locker. This means that anyone who gets into her room has access to the house. I have filmed the window of her room opened while she was at work to prove that she leaves it opened and that she does not care about anyone not even the landlady who wrote the letters. As matter of fact, she went 2 or 3 months ago to holidays and that window was opened 24/24 for 2 weeks, but unfortunately i did not film it

Official letters for the census bureau and for the vote registration organization were sent out by Michaela Nateri without my signature. She made this on purpose so that I get fined. I wrote to both organizations who wrote me back and recognize that my signature and the require details were not on the documents.

The later complaint from Valeria Nateri this time was for me banging the entrance door every day in the morning. Therefore she locked me out of the house on Tuesday August 13 and could not get in. I rang teh bell several times, thinking it may be a problem with my key or the door ( as we have had an issue with that entrance door a few time ago) Another girl Joanne ( with whom I have no problem), tried to open the entrance door for me. Valeria, who could hear that I was about to call the landlady to advise about the entrance door, came and opened the door. She recognized that she did it because I bang this door. My question why did she wait more than a year to complain about this noise. Why did Michaela never complaint about this door for the past 7 years I have been in that house? I will send this coming week a registered letter with this matter to the landlady ( who already aware about this).

I skip other silly things that have been happening in my house. I kept some proofs to show that they do not do better in the house and I have one housemate Diane Mac Pherson, who can support me fully with this matter

I am looking for a solicitor who can write a legal letter on my behalf to either warn Michaela Nateri and Valeria Nateri or file a complaint against them, if it is already possible at this stage.

Kind regards,

Joelle Jeunehomme
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 4 years ago.

Ben Jones :

Hello again, just before we proceed I need to make you aware that we cannot send a letter on your behalf - this is not part of our service. All we can do is provide advice on this website but we do not send letters or act for clients in any other way

JACUSTOMER-kawo1e8e- :

Hi ben, sorry I was on holidays. That's fine. Thank you. joelle

Ben Jones :

ok no problem