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Ash, Solicitor
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Local property services man invited round to give quote for

Customer Question

Local property services man invited round to give quote for decorating bedroom and fixing or replacing glass wardrobe doors...took longer than expected to finish the job...left wardrobe doors in unfit and unsafe state. Damaged my bed moving furniture around. Had moved my clothing without being given permission...( just one phone call) to ask permission if needed Have bad feeling he had been through my underwear and maybe even removed some...also jewellery seemed to be missing but not quite sure on that as I have an extensive collection on all these items mentioned. The underwear was in a shut door in a spare room so he had accessed this also without permission. When challenged about the wardrobe doors he was trying to sell me some that where to expensive .....I mentioned that Homebase had some on offer at £65ish he was most unhelpful and made it obvious he couldn't be bothered without actually saying this.
At a later date when challenged about what he had charged I mentioned another decorator I had quotes from which where lower and included the doors replacement he still didn't respond in an appropriate manner.
What can I do about this????
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 4 years ago.

AlexWatts2013 : Hello my name is Alex and I will help you with this. Please note that I am a working Solicitor and may be on and offline as I have to attend Court and meet with clients, even at weekends. As such you may not get an instant response when you reply as this is not an ‘on demand’ live service, but rest assured I will be giving your question my immediate attention upon return.
AlexWatts2013 : For now please let me know what is it you would like to do as a result of this?
JACUSTOMER-bj3fugqs- :

An on line service should be available 24/7 with a team of expert lawyers on hand to assist with any problems.

JACUSTOMER-bj3fugqs- :

The service is being charged for and should be readily available as you should know...

AlexWatts2013 : I am an expert and on and offline especially at the weekend as I am a normal person. I am sorry to say it is not a 24 hour service as there are only about 10 legal experts who also have day jobs such as meeting clients and going to court.
AlexWatts2013 : Please let me know from your question was is it you would like to achieve from the problem with Homebase please?
JACUSTOMER-bj3fugqs- :

A lawyer with any reputable standing would not return a message worded in this way as this certainly is not...normal practise.

AlexWatts2013 : I am here and able to assist you. I have read your question in great detail and see you have been treated very badly by Homebase. To ask what can I do about this but I need to know whether you are seeking a refund from Homebase or replacement.
AlexWatts2013 : Have you yet paid this builder and if so how did you pay? Is he a members
AlexWatts2013 : Is he a member of a federation such as master builders?
AlexWatts2013 : Have you yet complained to the Police?
AlexWatts2013 : Once I get the
AlexWatts2013 : Once I get this infromation I can give you a detailed reply to your own circumstances rather than a generic answer.
AlexWatts2013 : I a,n
AlexWatts2013 : I am here to serve you and give you advice.