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hi I am writing to you with concern for my 21 year old daughter,

Customer Question

hi I am writing to you with concern for my 21 year old daughter, she wishes to work in Australia as a nanny,she has been incontact with a company called The Global Travel and Work Co who have said they will set everything up for her, visa,s, flights, families banking ect for which she has already paid £95 upfront for and will have to pay a further £500 before she you can imagine I am worried that is a scam company, could you please help me in this matter, I not opposed to her going just don't want her to get ripped off and left on her own in a foreign country, thank you nadine .
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Vincent2013 replied 4 years ago.

Hi, thanks for your question. My name's XXXXX XXXXX I'm going to assist you with it.


Unfortunately, there is no way to be 100% certain of legitimacy but checking that the relevant UK company exists is a good start. The UK company referred to on their website does, indeed exist. It was registered in May 2012. As at February 2013, it was dormant (which means that, at that date, it was not trading). There is no information regarding trading since that date because accounts are only submitted annually.


Of course, the relative youth of the company and the lack of trading may mean nothing. If they are an international venture, they may only recently have found the need for a UK subsidiary. Or it could be that they don't need a UK subsidiary at the moment and are just protecting the company name for when they do. It's impossible to tell, so the botXXXXX XXXXXne is that you should not read too much into this.


Other things you can do to check the legitimacy of a company are:


Search the company name and its services on a search engine such as Google. See if it shows up on any sites that have reported the business in a negative context. You may also come across some helpful reviews on blogs or consumer sites (although you should still treat these with caution).


Conduct a thorough review of the company's website. Look for a professional approach and good English. You may also be able to find some testimonials about the services and products. Also look for an "about us" section to see how long they have been trading and who's behind the business.


Look at any written terms and conditions carefully. Depending on the nature of the service, they may well offer a money back period or guarantee. If they have faith in their services this may help you to garner some also. Also check out customer services (if they have one) by ringing the contact number. Ask as many questions as you need to get peace of mind.


Finally, trust your instinct.


As I say, there's no fullproof way of determining legitimacy and no "legal" answer to this but hopefully this information should help.


I hope this answers your questions. If so, please don't forget to rate my answer so that I can obtain credit for my work. Our conversation, won't end and you can ask me any further questions you need to clarify the above.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi Vincent thank you for your response in this matter, however I am still unsure about what to do, my daughter is adamant that she wants to persue this venture , obviously I am concerned , as would any loving and respectful parent would be [ if you have a daughter ..what would you recommend..?? ] I am feeling very worried at this moment in time and actually very frightened that things will turn bad for my child [ I know she is 21 but still my babe ] what else can you suggest that I could do... I have looked at the Nanny website which I think is a reputable company their magazine hs been about for years and think that familes who advertise for nannies have been checked and are completely legit..please advise me what to do ..many many thanks nadine

Expert:  Vincent2013 replied 4 years ago.

Obviously you are very concerned about this and I entirely understand.


Your concern is clearly twofold: the legitimacy of the business but also her undertaking a venture like this so far from home. As to advising her on the latter, you will know your daughter best and which way to guide her. With regard to the former, again, there isn't much a lawyer can do to determine the legitimacy of a business in these circumstances (although there are certain things you can do, which were discussed in my previous message).


I can see that there is a customer services line that's open from 9.00am - 6.00pm Monday to Friday. I would suggest that you speak with them and ask them the basis on which they 'vet' the families they send their nannies to and what, if any support is available to nannies once they are abroad, should they get into any difficulty. You could also ask whether there would be an opportunity to speak (via skype) with the chosen family before she leaves and ask your daughter if you could be included on this call. Also, ask the company if there is a way your daughter (and you) could meet a representative of the company to discuss the programme and if it would be possible for them to contact someone who had used their service in the past and provide them with your contact details so you could speak to them.


In essence, knowledge is key here and, whilst it will ultimately be your decision, any one or a combination of the above ideas may help you to get comfortable and advise your daughter appropriately.


I hope this helps and please don't forget to rate my answer so that I can be credited for my time. Our conversation will not close.

Expert:  Vincent2013 replied 4 years ago.

Hello there.


I hope my previous answers were useful Please don't hesitate to let me know if you need anything else and please do take the time to rate my answers if they were helpful.


Finally, best of luck with everything.