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I want to complain against the Horsham police for malicious

Customer Question

I want to complain against the Horsham police for malicious slander,deceitful, underhanded behaviour, abuse of power, failure to communicate. I want to sue. I am so angry.
Reporting me to Social Services.
There have been numerous problems with gypsy, pikie groups of mothers attending a local village school in Colgate, Horsham. They have, for the last school year, parked wherever they wanted & block my driveway. Altercations & one mother threw rock on our conservatory roof, gate posts removed in the night after I was screamed at. Police NEVER talked to anyone other than me. I complained at the school. The teachers sit in their cosy office never noticing anything.
Night time intruders on our land and garden. Past history of oil theft, York stone paving and wood and roof tiles from shed. Police have informed Social services that. I am paranoid and delusional. I took photos of tire tracks to rock pile. When Police came on DAY TEN tracks were very degraded, but still visible to me. I have them a cigarette stub which I picked up & bagged ( using clean tongs) I bet they tossed it away.
During the hot summer nights, we had intruders every night. Cctv alerts & audibles..There would be quick flashes, crow sounds ( synthetic sounds) I called the police to come just once after I saw a man holding siphoning bottle, tubing and funnel standing under a street lamp. I called 101 (non emerg)a policewoman came. By the time Our front gates were unlocked, suspect long gone through our fields to rear. This was in July 13'.
August was dreadful at night. I phoned Police to state that I could hear someone who had climbed over & was to rear of oil tank. I did NOT request Police to come. Again, long procedure of me opening the gates up. Car pulling into driveway and casually looking into back of garden. A dog arrived & sniffed around oil tank. No one had been there. If they had let the dog search down the pathway to the fields. I am sure it would have picked up a scent there. The tracks were visible at the back of the garden it dawned on me that it must have been the York stone (that had been dwindling slowly over the year) some thieves are after.
I had been emailing in details & times of intruders, merely to add to a dossier file. I did not know if Police were even reading any emails. Never any responses.
Police arrived 2nd Sept. took dates of birth of us & children. Afterwards, PCSO stated that I did not need to give these (information a little late) 6th Sept Social worker phoned to state what was stated by Police.
Paranoid, delusional, pestering police, children often sick from school. I said that cctv goes down at night probably by signal blockers to wireless cctv cameras so therefore I am delusional.
My children and I were constantly bullied by nasties. Many of the group of travellers, prostitutes, single mothers from a local Council estate. All the troublemaking against us, I feel is because of jealousy. I have had one dreadful year of being derided, jeered. The Police did nothing to help me & my children, nor Colgate School.
Paranoia is a psychotic state .. I used to be a head nurse manager in Neonatal ICU & worked in many different countries. I have had the unfortunate task of ensuring several criminals were put behind bars.. The Horsham Police have humiliated and ridiculed me.

How do I remedy this situation?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this.

So, in short, they made a report to social services that you were delusional?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Jo,
Yes. I was delusional & paranoid. There were no intruders at night according to the policeman SGT & PCSO. By the time I had gone outside to open up gates, intruders long gone. I informed them that of course the intruders are long gone. The Police cars have to go past and around our fields to get to our front gates. There have been sometimes two people to max of 5 seperate torch lights and therefore five different individuals on watch.
There is also a nasty neighbour who has regularly climbed over fences, readjusted barbed wire, trampled my plants. There has always been physical evidence to be seen but the two local Sgt & PCSO never even asked to look.
Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 years ago.

So whats the nature of your complaint?

The report that they made?