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who in a company can read data protected info ie vehicle tracker

Customer Question

who in a company can read data protected info ie vehicle tracker details , does that person need to be registered as the company reprisentative with data protection office
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 4 years ago.

Ben Jones :

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JACUSTOMER-dh033d7t- :

5 yrs the company have trackers in all vehicles it is a motorway maintenance company ,they all have trackers fitted and everyone is aware of this but my question is who within the company has the legal right to check and moniter these trackers ,Some of the vehicles are taken home as the employees are foremen and have in there contracts a company vehicle to use to and from work these vehicles are signed to them personaly . other vehicles are depot based along the motorway and are being monitered also during each days work , Who is entitled to look at the data ?

Ben Jones :

The Data Protection Act 1998 contains a number of principles which data controllers, like your employer, must adhere to.

One of these principles states that appropriate security measures must be taken to protect against unauthorised or illegal data processing. This means that data controllers must ensure that there are security controls in place and that they are followed. These may be technical (for example, relating to computer systems), or organisational (for example, management structures and physical layout of workplaces). Only employees who need to use the personal data to carry out their work should have access to that data.

Therefore, to answer your question, the most likely people who will have access to the data are those who need it to undertake their job, for example managers who need to monitor how the vehicles are used and that employees do not abuse the policy on use. It is not necessary for those to be officially registered with the Information Commissioner's Office as the data representatives of a company.

Ben Jones :

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