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Ash, Solicitor
Category: Law
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hi I am looking for a solicitor to advise me and possibly

Customer Question

I am looking for a solicitor to advise me and possibly take my case and look over my documents. I live in Ireland and the broker is in the UK.
I have informed the police in the UK and I am in the process of obtaining a CCJ after a judge in the UK ruled i can proceed.
Is it best to pursue an individual personally through the courts for a debt.
Let me explain.
He is/was a broker and advised me to pay into his company account for an investment on behalf of another company. He has dissolved his company now and there was no money in it anyway. The broker has indicated he would like me to pursue his company for this action, is there any point.
The other company who should have received my money and contracts for this investment have said that the broker was not authorized to ask or indeed take clients’ money.
Contracts were issued and signed and legalized by me and returned to him. The money i sent was never forwarded to the other company as it should have been and my contracts which i returned were not sent either.
So my money has disappeared along with my contracts.
I have everything in letters and emails.
He has admitted he kept my money in lieu of commissions owed to him by this other company and also assured me he will pay me back but can't now.
The broker has no intentions of paying me back after 10 months of pleading with him.
So I am looking for a course of action and contact with a solicitor in the Uk who would look over my documents free. I have confirmation that my contracts were issued and received by him fully notarized and stamped.
How can i check if this company or the broker has insurance or was indeed licensed to carry out this sort of brokerage.
What authority issues licences for brokers.
He will not engage.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 5 years ago.

Alex Watts : Hello my name is Alex and I will help you with this. Please note that I am a working Solicitor and may be on and offline as I have to attend Court and meet with clients, even at weekends. As such you may not get an instant response when you reply as this is not an ‘on demand’ live service, but rest assured I will be giving your question my immediate attention upon return.
Alex Watts : We can not act for you but can give you advice and general information - would this help?
JACUSTOMER-gv8ifwr8- :

Yes of course this would be great. I do need the advise because i have done what I can but i am finding it more difficult

Alex Watts : Great, what is your question of me today about all of this?
JACUSTOMER-gv8ifwr8- :

I have a few

Alex Watts : Ok. If you can number them and I can deal with them.
Alex Watts : Note I am on and offline tonight but I will respond when back online
JACUSTOMER-gv8ifwr8- :


JACUSTOMER-gv8ifwr8- :

I do appreciate your help.

Alex Watts : You are welcome.
JACUSTOMER-gv8ifwr8- :

As I said in my first submission. I sent money to a broker in the Uk at his request for an investment. but my money was not forwarded and he seems to think he can walk away with my money. I have been in contact with him trying to convince him to pay me back for the past 11 months. He is maintaining I should take action against his company in the court documents he replied to, I know the company has no funds and i also know has been dissolved last month.. He says all my dealings were with his company and not personally in the court form. Yet it was him who asked me to transfer the funds into his company and it was him whom i have been in contact with for the past 11 months trying to sort this out. He has admitted he did not forward my money on and with held my money in lieu of commissions owed to him by another company and thinks this is fine. He has admitted to all this yet he will not engage. He has said he will pay me back yet in the court reply says he is not personally involved. He is owed money by this other company and will collect this.You can ask me for more clarity if you need

(1)How do I make use of the main contact person who was at his company but refuses to talk to me.

(2)What course of action is open to me.

(3)How do I ask the police to pursue him for fraud quickly.

(4)How can I get a solicitor to look at my documents for free so I can know what to do.

(5)What authority would have given him a licence to practice and how do I find out who insured him to practice.

(6)How can I find out if he was licenced to practice or do what he did.

(7)Is it only the court that can determine that he does owe me my money.

(8)Must I or should I hire a solicitor in the UK because he is in the uk and so is the court.

(9)Is it a good idea to hire a debt collection agency or should I wait.

(10)Money is very tight, do you know if I can get a no win no fee solicitor so I can get justice.

(11) He has evaded my questions, letters, e-mails, texts and never admitted to what he had done until I gathered evidence over months and months. How can I put pressure on him that he cannot ignore the way that he has been able to dismiss me.


Alex Watts : 1. This is difficult because the Company is dissolved. Only if you can show the Director acted fraudulently could you pursue him personally rather than the defunct company
Alex Watts : 2. If there is a criminal prosecution then there could be a proceeds of crime application otherwise you might be able to sue personally.
Alex Watts : 3. Ideally complain to the Police and have a criminal investigation. Otherwise you would have to issue proceedings and invite the courts to allow to pierce the corporate veil and allow you to pursue him personally and not the defunct company.
Alex Watts : 4. You can speak to any High Street solicitor about this. You may get the first half hour free but after that you may have to osy
Alex Watts : 5. Possible the FSA, as to who insured all you can do is ask and if he refuses get a court order requiring him to tell you
Alex Watts : 6. Again by searching Financial Services register and if not get a court order requiring this
Alex Watts : 7. Yes
Alex Watts : 8. Yes if the value is more than £10,000 because of the very nature of the court and claim
JACUSTOMER-gv8ifwr8- :

I fear my money was targeted by him but without being able to track down other investors i do not know if i was the only one who was requested to send my money to him. How do I find out this for sure. How is it possible to find out who was the person who withdrew my money from the bank account or who had access to the account. I need any advice you can give me really because i feel so disempowered by him after taking my money and dismissing me at every turn. He is making me run through hoops while he sits back.

Alex Watts : 9. You can try but if the company owes you money you need a court order asking to pierce the corporate ciel
Alex Watts : 10. It is very unlikely but you can ask.
Alex Watts : 11. You would need to issue proceedings, that often focuses people's minds and gets their attention.
Alex Watts : You can ask the bank for specific Disclosure again via the court and if granted they can tell you who withdrew it and where it went.
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything about this for you please? Alex
JACUSTOMER-gv8ifwr8- :

Hi i really appreciate your help. Because i am in the process of trying to obtain a CCJ or get my money back through that money claim online can i do anything else. Do i need a solicitor to get a court order

Alex Watts : If the matter is contested you will need a solicitor.
Alex Watts : But you can issue proceedings by going to or by completing form N1 and by taking of posting it to your local county court.
JACUSTOMER-gv8ifwr8- :

I have reported this to the police months ago but heard nothing back. How do i make sure they are looking into this for me.

Alex Watts : All you can do is chase them. Remember a prosecution can take years. The police have limited resources. Alex
Alex Watts : If this answers your question might I invite you to rate my service, hopefully it has been excellent. If you need more information please click rely. Alex
JACUSTOMER-gv8ifwr8- :

Can I search for other investors to see what their experience was and inform them of mine

Alex Watts : This may be possible but I do not know how you would do this or if there is a central database.
JACUSTOMER-gv8ifwr8- :

I know a list exists with him and with the other company but they will not give it up.

JACUSTOMER-gv8ifwr8- :

I know its late and i thank you for your help, can i come back to you if i need more advice

Alex Watts : Then an order as suggested above from a court requiring it to be disclosed may help.
Alex Watts : May I invite you to rate my answer so far. Thank you.
Expert:  Ash replied 5 years ago.
If I could invite you to rate my service before you leave today, hopefully it has been excellent. If you do need more help or information please click reply. Thanks – Alex.