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I have lived in the UK since 1969. I have a right to remain

Customer Question

I have lived in the UK since 1969. I have a 'right to remain' stamp in my American passport. During a recent burglary, my passport was stolen. I have a new passport but of course it does not have the 'right to remain' stamp in it.How do I get that stamp replaces? I am very unwilling to post my passport as due to British official ineffeciency (of the DVLA)my first replacement US passport was lost and I have been effectively without a passport since May. I am willing to go down in person for this stamp, which I assume wiil be replaced,but I really really do not want to be without my passport for another five months - I need to travel for business and personal reasons and I cannot put my passport in the post ever again- it is much too stressful in every way - and I cannot afford to wait another six months in any case. Do I have to reapply from scratch? Can this be done online?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Senior Partner replied 4 years ago.
This sounds very frustrating but it is correct that you must get the correct stamp issued.

You can make a personal appointment - see here:

however you need to check if you have to file a form NTL even though you have no current stamped passport. I believe the answer i yes - you can find the info on this here:

There used by a process for simply transferring it to a new passport but it seems you have to get a Biometirc Permit. You also need to make sure the local office can deal with this. If you are near london then Croydon will be able to.