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Ash, Solicitor
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Hi, I have been using a London Solicitor for my sale and

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I have been using a London Solicitor for my sale and purchase of house. Throughout the whole 6 months of dealing with the solicitor, we have been left at near breaking point, only to be referred to as a hassle and nagging individuals. We lost our first offer on a property and as such had to pay surveyors etc. Due to the stress of initially finding out we lost the property, our Estate Agent asked us to contact the solicitor and ask him to perhaps try, through the other side's solicitor, to fight for the house we were now losing .They reacted very defensively, and this ironically was the first time I spoke to the actual solicitor. We had been dealing all along with his assistant trainee which was inconsistent. The solicitor in question was so rude to me, even though I was crying on the phone at having just realised we may lose the property, I was left totally shocked by his abhorrent attitude.

My husband urged me to try to forget it and try to focus our attention in finding a new property, so as not to lose the buyers on our own home. We did find the new property in a matter of days. ON completion for the sale of our property there was a marked error in the statement. We tried to be polite and emailed if we could have an up to date breakdown of everything. This was denied with a statement that "we already had the statement" we did not highlight the error fully so as not to create any bad feeling once again and took things through the broker who initially introduced us to the solicitor. the response was the same, and the broker must have thought we were barking up the wrong tree and lost the plot. Once we spelt it out clearly again, did he realise the full extent of our concern. The trainee assistant did not deducted out expenses for Agents etc fee and mortgage from the total of our sale. Instead added the sums to create a very big sum of moneyas equity left over. A statement of completion and a separate letter signed by the solicitor was sent to us but also was wrong by over £150,000. TO this day no apology and not responsibility taken. When the broker went back to explain, they did not want to even listen and even passed on a message that they did not want us as a client any further. This was settled through the broker threatening my husband, that we would end of losing our new purchase property if we went elsewhere. Basically we were indirectly told to shut up. I was left fuming, not only was the sum incorrect, very later corrected with no apology, we were also being blamed for trying to let them know about this error on about 3/4 different occasions. We were also waiting for a refund from our mortgage lender, which we had in writing had made its way to the solicitors, and we had to fight to get them to check for the most current breakdown, as this did not show on any breakdown. AS you can imagine, very emotionally stressed that we had to keep checking if this total was infact deducted, and by doing so we are treated like crazed beings.
To cut a very long story short, as the days got nearer for completion on our purchase, we decided to email that all is in place and set for the date of 30th September, via the assistant. There was an automated response that she was to be away until the 14th October. Still confidant that things should at least go well here, we took note of another assistant's name given to look after the completion process. Monday the 30th September 2013 came and no phone call from the solicitors at all, we tried out broker and he did not respond either. We thought we would leave it till 1pm, surely by then some indication. Nothing at all. My husband took a half day from work so as we could pick up the keys to the new house and still no call from solicitor.After 2pm we received a call from the assistant, only after my husband tried them after 1pm, to say that there had been an "internal error" with the Mortgage Lender and that the completion was delayed till the next day. No other explanation followed, even when my husband tried to ask what error? We got home in disbelief as this would now affect our first payment of mortgage. We emailed the solicitor himself and asked if we could arrange a meeting at the earliest or if he cold call. He rang back only to be so defensive and telling my husband that he did not have to speak with anyone as we were already informed about the completion and it was only a matter of a day! When my husband asked about the interest gained on the equity of our sale of property, (we had nearly £150,000 in the solicitors for two months!) he proceeded to ask "what interest" I am in negative equity with your case!! , its peanuts what you have accrued" We were totally dismayed. When my husband asked to put me through, he replied "your wife is neurotic I refuse to speak with her. We found out they lied about the "internal error". What are our rights? We deserve at least refund of sort.And most of all [email protected]
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 4 years ago.

Alex Watts : Hello my name is Alex and I will help you with this. Please note that I am a working Solicitor and may be on and offline as I have to attend Court and meet with clients, even at weekends. As such you may not get an instant response when you reply as this is not an ‘on demand’ live service, but rest assured I will be giving your question my immediate attention upon return.
Alex Watts : I agree you have been treated appalling. Have you raised a formal complaint through the Solicitor or regulator please?
JACUSTOMER-bixk6wn2- : Dear Alex,
JACUSTOMER-bixk6wn2- : I am so very sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I had no idea I received a response within the confirmation of payment email.
JACUSTOMER-bixk6wn2- : i have a letter written ready for complaint but my husband is deep down a bit apprehensive of us sending it.
JACUSTOMER-bixk6wn2- : Hi Alex
Alex Watts : Hi,
Alex Watts : You need to do a few things
Alex Watts : First send the letter to the firm, this will be investigated under the complaints procedure which you should ask for a copy of.
Alex Watts : The firm should have a partner that deals with complaints and they should investigate this matter and then provide you with a response.
Alex Watts : If you are not satisfied with that response then you can complain to the regulatory which is the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.
Alex Watts : They are independent of the firm and as they are the regulator have the power to investigate complaints.
Alex Watts : If there has been a breach of the Solicitor rules then they can award compensation and prosecute.
JACUSTOMER-bixk6wn2- : not sure if you received my last response. I have written a letter of complaint but it is unsent . My husband is a bit apprehensive . I called the solicitors regulatory board and found out who the complaints handler is for this particular solicitors firm . But my letter is addressed to the solicitor who was meant to be dealing with our sale and purchase
Alex Watts : They are at or 0121 329 6800
JACUSTOMER-bixk6wn2- : kindest
JACUSTOMER-bixk6wn2- : anita
Alex Watts : You need to ask the firm for a copy of the complaint procedure and then address the complaint to that designated person in the firm.
Alex Watts : Does this help?
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about your question today? If not, can I invite you to rate my service which I hope has been excellent. If you need more help then please click reply. Thanks - Alex
JACUSTOMER-bixk6wn2- : Ok I will do so. But on reading the facts and I received a written letter today from the mortgage lender stating that there was never an internal error on their part . The error was with the solicitors failing to provide documentation on day of completion. They lied and had the audacity to call me crazy when I simply asked what happened... I want part of our money paid to them back.. They do not deserve the astronomical amount they have charged us .. In total just over £3,5000
Alex Watts : Yes I agree. But the complaint or the SRA should reduce this down.
Alex Watts : I think it is worth 50% of this fee.
Alex Watts : Does that help?
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about your question today? If not, can I invite you to rate my service which I hope has been excellent. If you need more help then please click reply. Thanks - Alex
JACUSTOMER-bixk6wn2- : Yes you have helped lots Alex x thank you x
JACUSTOMER-bixk6wn2- : mo can sleep soundly now as this has been an extremely stressful time now. Thank you so much x x
Alex Watts : Great. If you could formally rate my answer please as This is how the site credits me for my time. You should see a series of happy faces.
Expert:  Ash replied 4 years ago.
If I could invite you to rate my service before you leave today, hopefully it has been excellent. If you do need more help or information please click reply. Thanks – Alex.