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I purchased a do it yourself shed on-line from a reputable

Customer Question

I purchased a do it yourself shed on-line from a 'reputable' seller. To put the shed up my fitter of 35 experience had to empty the old shed of storage stuff including disability products and a large freezer. Then take down the old which caused damage to it then erect the new shed. He found that the roof on the new shed would not fit as the selling pictures nor their instalation diagrams (he is experienced in following Architecs drawings) and assmumed the roof had been cut short. The fitter then covered the roof with taupaline and plastic sheets and put back in the freezer. All the other stuff had to come in my home making it difficult for me to get around. I contacted the company on the Monday. They are not open at the weekend. They sent another roof which when the fitter checked was found to be the same size, The fitter once again could not finish the job so another wasted trip. I contacted them again and they sent out their driver, who first of all stated that the fitter had done the floor incorrectly, this was found to be incorrect, then the driver tied to show my son how it was done and I stated that that is not how it shows in the picturers and instuctions. But my fitter had to get on with it as I could not afford to keep paying him. The fitter also found that the flooring was week and used the extra roof to make this fit for the purpose. He used supplies that he had purchased to make the shed as in the picturers so that he could finish the job as I could not get around my home.
I have challenged the company about the fact that the shed was not fit for the purpose but and as the fitter forgot to take picturers , I have had to spend hours drawing the area that they admit in a roundabout way is not as in the picturers but say they will only accept the resposibility of the extra supplies required NOT THE EXTRA FITTING NOR THE INCONVEINIENCE I HAVE EXPERIENCED. Where the new shed should have taken one journey there and back it took three and just one weekend It took 3 jouneys and 2 weekends.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Joshua replied 4 years ago.

Joshua :

Thanks for your question. Please kindly RATE my answer when you are satisfied

Joshua :

Would I be correct to assume they have not admitted that the shed is as per the description in writing but only verbally indirectly please?