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My ex partner hasnt seen his children for a yr now. The reason

Customer Question

My ex partner hasn't seen his children for a yr now. The reason for this is because I am not allowing him. I'm not allowing it due to me believing that he is still taking cocaine and due to some domestic violence. He is paying maintenance through the csa. A deduction of earnings they had to do as he wasn't giving genuine debit details. Last Sunday he came to my house with gifts for the children. I wasn't in with the children so mt eldest rang and told me that he had come. He then rang me on my mobile and I told him I don't want him at my door. Tues I got a phone call from csa to tell me that he is not the father. In which he is. Then today. Saturday he came back to my house. Again I wasn't in. He again rang me and said he wanted to see his kids. I have told him for over a yr now that he has to take me to court to see them because I don't believe he is not taking cocaine. Random drug tests is what I would like him to do. I need to know if a solicitor is able to write him a letter to tell him the conditions of seeing the children and not to come to my house or contact me as the police said to me I don't have anything to say no to him returning to my house. The police can only remove him not tell him not to come to my house. Also I am on income support so will I have to pay for letter or solicitor
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  ExperiencedLawyer replied 4 years ago.

You don't need a solicitor for that. Write the letter yourself and keep a copy. Make it clear in the letter that you will make an application to the court if he continues to come round. IF he then ignores you and keeps coming, you can make that application yourself if you wish - a solicitors letter would have no more power to keep him away.

I hope that is helpful. Please do ask any follow-up clarification you wish.