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i lent a friend a large amount of money somt time agoi put

Customer Question

i lent a friend a large amount of money somt time agoi put the money in his bank account now he is refusing to pay me back where do i stand on this plaese
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jenny replied 4 years ago.

taratill : Hello my name is Jenny and I'm happy to help you today, do you have any written evidence of the loan!
JACUSTOMER-jlrwp60p- :

i had a barclays bank receipt but its nearly two years old old its faded away i put the money in the bank myself

JACUSTOMER-jlrwp60p- :

im still waiting for my answer to the question i have asked how long will it take

JACUSTOMER-jlrwp60p- :

im still waiting for a reply what kind of a service is this no has bothered getting back to me

taratill : Hello sorry for the delay I was called away on something urgent. Would you still like help with this/
JACUSTOMER-jlrwp60p- :

of course i've paid £33 for this answer and could you please get back to me with an answer

JACUSTOMER-jlrwp60p- :

thank you

taratill : How much money did you lend them?
JACUSTOMER-jlrwp60p- :


taratill : Ok you can cla
taratill : the money back by bringing a cldim
taratill : Hello sorry about the above something went wrong with my keyboard. You can claim the money back through the small claims court.
taratill : It is a pity that there is no written agreement that he owes you the money but this does not mean that you cannot claim, particularly if you have evidence that you took the money out of your bank to give you him.
taratill : You need to send him what is known as a letter before action asking for the money to be returned to you and state that if it is not within 14 days you will have no alternative but to raise a claim in the county court for the full sum of money, interest and costs.
taratill : Hopefully this will lead him to agree or to make an arrangement to pay you. If I does not you can raise a claim online at
taratill :
taratill : If you have any further questions please do ask. I hope that the matter is resolved for you swiftly and would wish you the best for the future.