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I have been undergoing harassment of a very subtle but consistent

Customer Question

I have been undergoing harassment of a very subtle but consistent nature over a period of years in the Greek Orthodox Church in is difficult for me to leave this church despite the many times that I have found myself leaving a parish because of stalking and/or harassment i.e. verbal or physical. These are pros and they are keen to get me out whilst circulating lies that are coming from the headquarters of the church.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 4 years ago.

Ben Jones : Hello, my name is Ben and it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. Why do you think you are being picked on?
JACUSTOMER-sfik6z5a- :

Well, I am more than certain that dreadful slander is being circulated around the churches wherever I might attend so that there is an atmosphere of dread and phobia about "that woman!" who will cause disruption and false accusation etc. The root of the problem is the so called priest, now officially retired, in the Serbian Orthodox Church, who has been harassing me to the extent that I was attacked when my father, aged 95, died in 95, under his "orders". He knew exactly what was happening in my life and father's funeral took place in his church and I was family, relatives or even close friends here in this country. I had acquaintances mostly and by then a hate campaign had been organised by him to create a lot of animosity against me..I was being shouted at on the streets etc. and just bullied and harassed as a matter of course at the time. When the attack took place in this house it was carried out by one of his parishioner's relatives, who was brought here to the UK for a few months, chiefly for that purpose. I believe that the attacker was well paid as the last place that he was seen going to with his uncle was the Serbian church..he then was escorted to the airport. At the time I asked the police why they cannot do anything about the priest whom they had confirmed was behind the attack on me, and they just said that he "has been lucky so far". During those years he was the parish priest at the church and a control freak for many years..I was told by someone who was parish warden that he hates me and goes around the houses to spread slander about me saying that I am "cursed". It caused me shock to hear this as I had never ever heard of any priest anywhere doing such things as these. It was hard for me to even accept that a priest could be like that at all....I did not know him personally at all. I was examined at Charing Cross hospital after the sexual assault by the person who came to my house as a "worker". I had been visited by both uncle and nephew at the end of February of 2002 so that the uncle could introduce his nephew and plead with me to give him "any job" because "times are hard" in Serbia. The uncle was my father's soldier in WWII in the then Yugoslavia. I did not have any reason to believe that the uncle was a dangerous man...he had been in our house all my life on and off as a visitor and "friend of the family!" But clearly I was to discover that he was not. He was around when my father passed away at the home in Nightingale Lodge, North London, and even the lady who then was running the home said to be careful of "that man!" as he was behaving strangely at the home whenever he came to visit my father. I was too distressed after my father's words to heed her words..I forgot all about it. He was here in the house regularly acting out this kind of "close friend to father" figure..even though he was just a regular soldier and my father did not think all that much of him. His name is Rusomir Mladenovic..and he lives in Northfields...only five to ten minutes drive from our home. I am not sure if he is still alive. But the hell that he caused me is enormous and to this day I suffer because of the build up of lies and slander concocted by the priest to protect himself from any incrimmination in this matter. I have been subject to a lot of victimisation on account of his involvement in this attack and several other incidences here at the house...he is not letting up. I believe strongly that he has the backing of the head of the Greek Orthdodox Church and that is why it is a "powerful" slander that is going around as it comes directly from the top. I tried to stop it several years ago as my health was declining but could not do anything to stop the spiaralling of the slander...all kinds of people, most of whom I did not know personally, especially from the Serbian Orthdox church in London, had heard of me and it was not good. People would tell me that they were hearing nasty things being spread about me. This was what was going on for many years.. I believe that it is fear that is driving this "engine", fear of being exposed....and it might well be that the Greek Orthodox head of church, now in his eighties, actually believes the lies...I really don't know..but that they are into cover up at any cost...that I can believe from what I read in the papers years ago about his personality..when there was a murder of a priest in Athens who had been head of the St Nicholas Church in Shepherds Bush ..he had beens shot dead by a woman lover of some 15 years in broad daylight over there. The Archbishop was very angry with parishioners who had spoken to journalists regarding the priest..rather more than about what had actually happened...that struck me as not a good thing to do being that such a dreadful murder had been carried out. I think that the clergy are paranoid about anyone of them being exposed in any way...especially if they are guilty. But in my case the police said that the priest had been very free in his actions as I was "without family". He really went to town on this fact...once my father had died and my mother passed on in 1990 I was virtually alone here in the UK, where I was born in 1956. He came to this country some thirty odd years ago as far as I can remember after a scandal in Australia...he and his wife and first child were not able to work there anymore in the Serbian community...he was a parish priest there as well. So here they came and have been living in St Augustine's Avenue, at the North Circular Road end of Ealing ever since.

JACUSTOMER-sfik6z5a- :

I have tried to keep my faith by attending various churches now, all Orthodox, in London...but had to get out of several because of the harassment that I was receiving without "words". They made sure that they never ever said what the reason for their animosity towards me was...I had no health was being affected by the harassment as it was consistent and was causing me to fear for my safety. At the Cathedral at Ennismore Gardens it was someone whom I knew by sight that seemed to be the one constantly stalking me within the building of the church causing distress and even fear for my safety. I left in March of this year. I did not keep a diary of all the dates. But it was hard for me to come to terms that I had become persona non grata despite all the years of attendance at these churches. I have every reason to believe that I had been slandered to such a degree that the churches were actually afraid of me being there. I know that the reverend has been called "The Father of Lies" and he earned this name which is appropriate.

JACUSTOMER-sfik6z5a- :

He is very daring..he does take chances and he is "free!" when I am concerned not fearing anyone will come to his office or home and threaten him, as I assume that that would happen in nearly 99 per cent of any cases like this in the Serbian community..he would have been ruffed up by now and worse if he targetted any other woman like myself. I know from his secretary that he is extremely "wicked" as is his partner at the church, now parish priest there at the moment. I had promised my parents to keep the faith but find that it is extremely difficult under these circumstances. Sadly the Orthodox Church is in corrupt hands..they are horrible..most of the heads were not born in the UK and have a very strange attitude towards crime in general...they are chosing the easy way out i.e. to harass me away rather than face up to the truth of the matter and the cause of this persistent slander and false accusation by the priest in question who is hiding behind the heads of the church. I was asked by the then detective on my case to write a letter to the Rev. Kostic at the Serbian Church requesting him not to harass or send anyone else to harass me at the time that my case was being closed. I did do so as he asked and sent him a copy of the same letter by registered post. But to no avail. The Reverend has not stopped sending people here non stop regardless. He is an obsessive, lawless type who seems to think that he is "invincible" with all the friends that he has and the "high position" he holds of respectability and honour..his wife is a known communist as I believe he is also and they came to this country as staunch members of the party and even agents of the same. I believe that they hate me mostly because of my father, who was a major by rank in the Royal Yugoslav Army and who fought communists for four years during WWII. He was branded an "enemy of the State" of the ex communist Yugoslvia. And we had had years of harassment during the sixties on account of my father. My life as a child had been threatened and I feel no love for these people at all...they are indoctrinated into communism and they have no time for Christianity, which was always mocked by them.

JACUSTOMER-sfik6z5a- :

Please tell me what I can do.....I am not able to know so far what the lies are that are ruining my name and getting clegy in other churches to panic whenever I show my face. It is a cowardly but serious method that is keen on destroying my health all of this is very taxing on my health..and all the time I am made to feel helpless and without hard evidence of what is actually going on. All I have is a trail of emails...but I keep those as a kind of monitor of what is going on.

Ben Jones :

Hello, sorry to hear about all the issues you have experienced. Whilst you will have some rights, it does appear that the people behind this know how to play the system well and make it very difficult for you to do anything about this. So I must warn you from the start that tackling this issue will certainly not be easy and you may even not be able to get a satisfactory resolution. This is because the police could refuse to act if they do not believe this is a criminal matter that they can deal with and then you are only left with taking legal action against them. However, any legal action you take will expect you to prove that what you are claiming was true and that you have a valid claim. In the absence of any concrete evidence this could be difficult and you are left with your verbal evidence and and it would end up being your word against the other party's. A decision could go either way. If you do not win then you have limited chances of appeal, and each time it gets more complex and expensive and to be honest without any evidence the courts will probably not even allow you to appeal. If you win - you still have to try and enforce any judgment you have won - this costs money and also would not necessarily guarantee a stop to any of this - you will most likely get financial compensation and they could simply pay it and continue what they have done so far.

As far as the law on harassment stands, under law (specifically the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 in civil cases and the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 in criminal cases), a person must not pursue a course of conduct which amounts to harassment of another and which he or she knows or ought to know amounts to harassment. Although there is no definition of what specifically amounts to harassment, it would usually include alarming a person or causing them distress and must have occurred on at least two occasions.

This is either a civil or criminal matter - if you have reported this to the police but they cannot hep any further then you cannot force them to do anything about it. You are then left with the civil action in the civil courts but that is subject to my advice above.

Ben Jones :

Please let me know if this has answered your query or if you need me to clarify anything else for you in relation to this?