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The horse owners are still hassling me. Is there any action

Customer Question

The horse owners are still hassling me. Is there any action I can take to prevent this or stop it. Got to the point I don't want to talk to them as they're very threatening. They have also contacted my workplace which is the RAF which can cause issues for my career.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jenny replied 4 years ago.

taratill :

Hello what have they said to your employer?

JACUSTOMER-sdm4uh0l- : They have said I owe them money an that I'm refusing to pay
taratill :

how did they know your employers identity?

JACUSTOMER-sdm4uh0l- : Erm I think I must have told them I'm in the RAF however, didn't tell them what Sqn etc and the phone nos are not readily available.
taratill :

ok that's strange then, what has your employer said about this?

JACUSTOMER-sdm4uh0l- : They phoned me as I am on leave to ensure that I am ok. I don't know if they tried to contact again. They also phoned my brothers mobile and my parents home phone number both of which they have foun out from other means.
taratill :

They have absolutely no right to harass you in this manner. I would suggest you email to say that if they do not stop all contact you will consider taking legal action against them for harassment and potentially for negligent misstatement or defamation if you end up suffering a financial loss as a result of their telling people you owe them money which is untrue.

taratill :

Is there anything further you would like to know about this?

JACUSTOMER-sdm4uh0l- : What do I do or who do I contact if this escalates further?
taratill :

Hello, for some reason this question was locked for a while and I was not able to see your follow on question. Would you still like help with this?

JACUSTOMER-sdm4uh0l- : Yes please
taratill :

have you asked them to stop contacting you/ your employer? If so what response have you had?

JACUSTOMER-sdm4uh0l- : I have asked them to stop contacting my family place of work and mob and they are still continuing
taratill :

Well there are 2 options, you could contact the local police and say that you believe you are being harassed contrary to the Protection from Harassment Act and ask them to investigate. It may be that the police consider this to amount to a civil matter due to the way that it originated but they may be prepared to be involved.

taratill :

If they are not then you you could consider a solicitors letter threatening them with action in the civil courts. If you have household insurance then it may include some legal expenses cover so it may be worth looking to see if your legal costs could be covered in that way.