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bailiff called with a debt for my husband and ex wife both

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bailiff called with a debt for my husband and ex wife both names on debt, my husband has paid over half the debt but the baliff said he doesnt have to go to her address as they have found my husband and he has to get the money off her is this the case? what else can i do?? ITS FOR COUNCIL TAX WHEN THEY WERE MARRIED 

Thanks for your question. I am sorry to say the bailiff is correct. The debt is what is know as joint and several which means both parties can be made to pay all of it and be forced to try and recover from the other party. If your husband cannot afford to pay he should tell the bailiff to go away that he cannot pay any more and you should refuse to let the bailiff into the house. He cannot seize anything that belongs to you anyway.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the house is in my maiden name but i bought everything in my house anyway but if we dont pay the £217 in full by monday it goes upto£461. this is so unfair as his exwife gets away with it they were both on the tenency they shared it seems so unfair that we have to pay it and she sits back happy and not skint! its causing so many rows ive had enough of her sending her debts to my address!!! so is there nothing i can do legally?

You can obviously tell the bailiff everything yours and there is nothing to recover but otherwise your husband will have to recover form his ex. It is odd though that you say the debt will go up? that does not sound right. Have the shown you the liability order? Are you sure the council tax is due?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

its there costs he said ? no he didnt show the liability order to me aperently its for the yr 2004 my husband did have an arrangement to pay 100.00 the debt was for 3 different council tax total £750 something he paid over half of it and thought they would go to his exwife address, he wouldnt show me anything as its in my husbands nam, my husband spoke to him at the door on his mobile he said i dont own anything its in my name the baliff said doesnt matter as my husband lives with me?

Difficult to comment on the debt but you do not have to let the bailiff in so he cannot seize anything of yours.

If it dates back to 2004 they are out of time to get liability order.

Your husband should speak to the local authority and confirm the position.
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