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Iam seperated from my wife for 2 yrs and have been trying wihout

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Iam seperated from my wife for 2 yrs and have been trying wihout success to obtain my personal property,tools clothes etc not furniture.
I spoke to her yesterday but she refuses to let me in to collect ...I said that she could bring the stuff to the door and I would then tell her where to find the items .
It resulted in her shouting and screaming so I had to leave what can I do legally

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I can help you with your question. First I need some more information:

- have there been any proceedings for divorce?
- if not, do you want to start divorce proceedings, or just recover your personal possessions?
- have you tried using a mutually trusted third party as a go-between?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sorry for delay in replying .

No proceedings for divorce as yet but hope to soon .Difficult situation as I have 2 autistic girls who I am concened about ages 20 and 15.

A new man in on the scene last few weeks and my wife has bee leaving them in the house with him when she goes to work 4am .

I know nothing about him !! so ....

I tried the third party suggestion which was horrendus shouting abusive and so on .....where do I go from here ???

If your wife will not cooperate, and a third party won't help, then you can make an application to the court solely for the ownership of chattels to be decided.

You would need to make an application on form D50, which would be an application under section 17 of the Married Women's Property Act 1882. You should be able to obtain a copy of the form from your local court.

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