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I recently went through a tribunal at which, after a hearing

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I recently went through a tribunal at which, after a hearing was turned into a case review/hearing and rescheduled. A full judgement was provided at the first hearing, and along with the judgement verbal advice was given to me by that judge. The advice was that the case needed no further work, in fact the documentation could be simplified. I offered to bring in a new witness, and was told that was unnecessary as the partial hearing found my employer had failed to stick to agreed procedures (i.e., there were no meeting records for any part of the redundancy process meetings). The judge even suggested that my employer settle before the next phase of the hearing.
The resumed hearing played down the importance of procedure, and in the end my case was lost because I didn't have the witnesses I needed. Is there a point of law I could use at appeal? I represented myself. Thanks.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 4 years ago.

Ben Jones : Hello, my name is Ben and it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today.
Ben Jones : On what basis do you wish to appeal please?
JACUSTOMER-dukjepnw- :

Any! It was a tribunal. I have had an answer from Just Answer Law previously, and used the case information sent, but the judge was very negative about it - in fact it was about using privately recorded evidence (audio evidence) to prove my allegations of unprofessional conduct in the same case. The respondents (employer) managed to get the judge to refuse the evidence.

JACUSTOMER-dukjepnw- :

I worked on the basis that the case seemed pretty well sewn up with the judge, and so I saw no problem with the audio evidence being disallowed (i.e. I didn't appeal on the judgement) , because the Judge made it clear that the respondents "didn't have a leg to stand on".

JACUSTOMER-dukjepnw- :

I'm seeking any point of law on this, as I took the initial Judge's advice in good faith.

JACUSTOMER-dukjepnw- :

You have gone offline?

JACUSTOMER-dukjepnw- :

Need this urgently, as I said.

JACUSTOMER-dukjepnw- :

I'm sorry, I cannot give a good rating as no answer has been offered.

JACUSTOMER-dukjepnw- :


I just answered your Law question on JustAnswer. Please view your answer as soon as possible. If you need more help, I am online right now and can provide you with more information. View your answer >" ??????
JACUSTOMER-dukjepnw- :

Nothing there.

Ben Jones :

I sorry there were some technical issues earlier, I tried posting my response but did not appear to be registering. Hopefully it will work now. Can you please let me know when judgment was entered?