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I have just been employed as a work at home agent and have

Customer Question

I have just been employed as a work at home agent and have to use a voip headset. My left ear is in extreme pain and when I swap the headset my right ear starts to hurt also and Im struggling to hear as well as having a constant headache. I mentioned it to the employer and was told its normal to drink, water and use vaseline. I have used my home telephone over the weekend and have to swap the receiver every 30 seconds or so as it is so uncomfortable. I am in my probation period so how do I stand with the employer. The equipment was purchased via their recommended supplier. I had health and safety training for eyes etc nothing about ears and have a 25 hour shift next week!!
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 4 years ago.

Ben Jones : Hello, my name is Ben and it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. What would make things better for you in this situation?
JACUSTOMER-lihvucsi- :

I have only just started and worked 30 hours for them. I have produced good results in that time, so would hope that they would be able to offer my another area of work. The selection process was very intense so I would hope they realise that I am worth keeping on, but as it is such earlier days I dont know if they would. But I simply cannot carry on with feeling so sick and also cannot afford not to work so a catch 22? The system they use means there is constant noise in my ear and no rest as its like a call centre system

Ben Jones : Do you have some medical condition which makes this worse or is it just a case of not adapting very well to their systems of work?
Ben Jones : please note as it is a Sunday I am not around full time so may be a delay in responding thank you
JACUSTOMER-lihvucsi- :

I was not aware of any pre exsisiting medical condition and therefore did not mention anything at the pre employment screening. But the problems started once I started on the live phone systems which was Thursday and Friday last week. I was really struggling by the Friday and had pain and headaches, including difficulty hearing on the phone systems and this is when I mentioned it. I have been struggling since then especially with a constant headache and ear pain which I have not experianced before. I have worked on the phones for many years but this was the first time on the voip system and wearing a headset, basically there are constant beeps and then you are connected to calls

JACUSTOMER-lihvucsi- :

I have to hit a button to request a break which I did do a few times, but this is obviously not what they want as you are expected to be on for all of the shift but it is going to be impossible for me as i just cannot stand the discomfort. At the moment i still have a headache on my left hand side and my ear feels tender to the touch and like everything is muffled