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Customer Question

FOR THE ATTENTION OF THE SENIOR PARTNER ONLY Hi Futher to my question yesterday. and your replies, I have spoken to Ashley by text. She says regarding visa overstay, she saw everything in their computer system and she says she was given one month at their point of entry. Regarding Customs Export Tariff , she says ,yes she dident think she would have to pay any, so dident allow for it in her calculations. But she was told it all depends on the goods that are being exported. She bought about £100,000.00 worth of textiles. and Customs said she had to pay £4000.00 there were various delays obtaining this, that resulted in her overstaying her 30 days She says that she went to the british Embassy about 4 times for advice and help and each time saw a woman who just said ' Mexican law is changing all the time ' you should have found out more about Mexico before you came. Ashley says the woman just kept telling her that the Embassy cant help her. they jus do Passports now. First of all Immigation told Ashley she was fined £3600.00. when she took this to pay them, apperently two of the junior officals had been working a scam themselse and appaerently were going to keep her money themselvs, but a Senior Official appeared apoparently fired the two junior officials and told Ashley her fine is £10600.00 not £3600.00. and if she doesent pay it by friday 20th dec. two policemen will come for her and she will go to jail and her goods will be confiscated. I know you think that this all sounds like a scam, but I find that hard to believe because what she has told me does seem to fit in . If she is a lier then she is a very good one , because she has never contradicted herself, and I've been talgimg to her for about two months It seems to me that the Consulate in Mexico City Must be contacted, preferably by a profesional like yourself, seeing how time is so short. I did ask her to ask Immigration for a time extension to pay the remainder of the fine, and they have given her untll Monday23rd December. What can we do , are you able to help . we await your advice / suggestions Many thanks Albert 

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Senior Partner replied 4 years ago.

Hi Albert. Are you able to copy and attach to your reply a copy of your email from the hotel and the detail of the store. The story is not credibly at all . Anyone who can spend £100k can get access to £4k. It is complete nonsense to suggest that the British embassy would turn away someone threatened with arrest. As I told you there is a free trade treaty and there should be no export tariffs. It is all a ridiculous tale in my view. This is a classic scam pattern. It starts with export taxes or fines for overstaying and then threats of arrest. You can find examples all over the internet. Ask for the name of the official at the embassy and call the births embassy. If you have the detail of the shop that you supposedly have an interest in then check it out.


I presume you were unable to post this question on just or

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your reply, which I find very interesting.

Regarding were I posted the question , I'm afraid the best that I seemed able to do was to post it to were i did post it. Sorry.


I must say that she seemed very plausible when I text her this morning.

Still insisting on everything she has previously said.


To be honest I know there are scams going on, but I was certain that I would never get caught in one. Not so cocky now , am I ha ha


I will try to check out her shop tomorrow if I can find it from the details she has previously given to me.


A thing I find very strange is why she is in Mexico in the first place. she went to mexico just days after knowing me. i would have thought that she could not have had me in mind when she booked her flight. Perhaps she has a number of other people that she is tricking in parallel to me.?


I am going to try and attach a copy of the email from the hotel that includes copies of emails from me to the hotel. also copies of emails that I sent to two departments of the Embassy in Mexico. I had no replies from these, which tended to reinforce Ashleys supposed experience that the Consulate had no interest at all in the matter.


I may not be able to attach these to this letter because I don't have a lot of Knowledge about these matters . However, if I can't attach them to this email, then I think that I can attach them to a normal email that I would create. But to do this I will need an email address from you to send them to. perhaps you might be so kind as to oblidge me .


Meanwhile i shall try now when I send this back to you to attach the other emails . If you don't receive them you will know why and the solution.


What else I can tell you , well I don't really know. I do know though that I wont be sending any furthur money for the moment. The wicked person has just about cleaned me out anyway.


It doesent matter how old we get ( I am 74 ) there is always something new to learn.


I await your reply


Many thanks




PS can't seem to attach them . Perhaps you could send normal email address so I can attach them ........ Many thanks


Expert:  Senior Partner replied 4 years ago.
You can send documents to me by [email protected] and telling them it is for my attention. If you cannot attach things using the attachment icon. You can attach pdf's.

If you email things it can take a while because all the admin of this site is based in San Francisco.( I am not I am in the UK!)

Forgive me but how do you know this person is even in Mexico? It is possible she is not there at all.
It seems even phone numbers can be diverted.
Expert:  Senior Partner replied 4 years ago.
incidentally if you have follow up questions you can post them here:
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



I am completly confused. I'v spoken to her Told her of our disscusion.

She hasent change anything. She insists that the situation in Mexico is not as you think it is. She says that the Embassy will do nothing. They say apparently that that it is because the law keps changing in Mexico.


I think she is in Mexico.


She thinks she will be arrested on next Monday when she cant pay her fine.


I have emailed the British Embassy twice to two different departments on their Mexican website. I have given them all the details and they have acknoledged reciept of one email by automatic email. But they have not replied to either.


Would it be possible for someone in your department to conntact the Embassy on her behalf, or are you able to tell me how I might do this sucsessfully?


I dont want her to go to jail.


I have tried again to attacjh docs to this , but I cant do it. I've never seen anything like this. And I cant do it.


I will send hem to the email address that you haver given me

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Im lost in your system now.

I sent you a message, but unlike when Ive previously sent replies.


Ther is now nothing coming back to say I am waiting for your reply


So I havent a clue as to were we are up to. I dont even know if you have received my last message.


I also sent the copy Docs to to the email address that you gave to me.


Is there no way that I can contact you properly. ands we can discuss the matter, Assuming that Ashley Smith is telling the truth , she has very little time befor she is arrested by the Mexican Authorities

Expert:  Senior Partner replied 4 years ago.
HI I dont think there is much update. Of course she would insist that the situation is the same. Did you investigate the shop as I suggested?

Of course she will not go to jail in mexico. They do not arrest british visitors - it is a ridiculous suggestion.

I have not yet received any documents but will respond when I do. When did you send them.

i cannot offer additional services through this website. It is currently limited to online question and answer. - as I said I can if you post additional questions here :

i am sorry if it is confusing but there it is I think just a technology issue.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi again


Yes I sent the documents 2 x emails at 10.56 am to dayI sent them to the email address that you gave to me.


She has been trying to send me a photo of herself outside her hotel, but its not working, due I think to thre fact that her mobile is on 'Romeing' I tried to send one to her but thats not working either. I believe she is still trying to do this.


I asked her to ask one of the Managers at her hotel the email me from the hotel computer to confirm that that she is there and that she is in difficulties I have had an email to this effect from he hotel about an hour ago. The manager also scanned in Ashleys National I.D. card . which is attached to the email.


This is the second email I have had from the hotel . The first is with the doc.s that I sent you.


I will try again to attach this 2nd email to to this. If i am unable to do this I will either try to send it to the new address that you have given me , or to the place that I sent the other ones,.


The Doc's emails I marked 'For the attention of the Senior Partner'


I can't seem to be able to attach it to this . I'll have to try to send it to were the last ones wet



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I've tried to send the email to the new address that you gave me that ends in expert-seniorpartner/ but I cant access that address . My computer says there is a problem with your security certification. When I bypass this

it says there is an errorr ?


So at the moment I'm stuck on that ?



Expert:  Senior Partner replied 4 years ago.
I was not suggesting that you send an email but post a question on the website. I have received some docs but they are not clear so I have asked to be retransmitted. The passport came through but I'd f the is what you have it is easy to fake those. I will revert when I see the documents
Expert:  Senior Partner replied 4 years ago.
I have looked at the passport and that photograph woul, be completely unacceptable to the passport office. You need to be looking at the camera and you cannot have hair across your face . It is clearly not the original passport photograph as it would never have been accepted by the passport office.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I see


I have also sent a copy of her national identity card to the same place that I have sent the other docs that you have recieved. This came with the email from the manager of her hotel . On the hotel email address as shown on the Hotels web site ?


I did also receive ,twice, copies of Astley XXXXX flight information for her return flight to the uk . This flight was cancelled so she says by Immigration. This information dident look forged it look like flight details from a Travel Company ? they had her name all over them?


I take yopur point about about the Passport Photo, but how would she have got past custems with that then ? Also I have a copy of her National Identity Card now, that looks simular/


I dident seem to be able on get onto that website, but if I was able to , I don't know what you mean 'Post a question on it ' Would I be talking to you , or the world in general? I dont have any experience of that sort of thing. who wou I be asking the question of, and what would the question be? I'm afraid that I don't quite understand.


Can't I just talk you As in a normal situation between Solicitor and Client.?


Kind regards



PS the email that I recieved from the hotel manager is with the the copy of the National Idenitity Card.


PSS I do also of course have all the bank details of the bank that I sent each lot of money to,


I have the Account name : Mr Roy XXXXXXX

Account Number : XXXXXXXX

Sort Code : 23 54 51


This is the :- Secure Trust Bank plc

Arleston Way


B90 4LH




I must admit I find it quite fasinating, though not perhaps worth £11,000.00. for the experience. ????????


Expert:  Senior Partner replied 4 years ago.

Albert You must contact the police immediately as I advised you right at the beginning. You recall I asked you immediately I saw your first question if this was someone you met over the internet. Everything you have been sent and are seeing is fake. Of course she did not go through immigration with that passport. If there is an Ashley XXXXX the passport will have been stolen and a photo of one of the scammers superimposed which is clearly the case here. It is not difficult - there are TV programmes that show you how it is done. She has probably travelled nowhere at all. I have not yet got the document details but I did get the name of the Hotel. A quick search on the internet revealed that the hotel does not appear to exist and it is not listed in trip advisor or any other website that lists Hotels in Mexico City. The Website looks like a scam . It contains no real info about the Hotel the links do not work and the address listed does not exist. The phone number is XXXXX diverted somewhere. However the domain name was first registered in July 2013 by none other than Mr Roy XXXXXXX of Birmingham - you can look it up on any "whois " site. So I am sorry you have been completely taken in by a sophisticated scam. Please contact the police. As I have told you I cannot have a direct dialogue with you through this website but I have given you my profile on and if you pose a question for me on that site or on then I can offer additional services. To be honest however your are best served contacting the police or action fraud now before the scammers realise they have been rumbled. Roy XXXXXXX is probably a fake name but it is just possible the police might trace them if you can provide them all the details.

Expert:  Senior Partner replied 4 years ago.

The bank although small seems to be real so if you can give the detail to the police they may be able to do something to freeze the account.

Expert:  Senior Partner replied 4 years ago.
HI I have laos received the ID card- it is a clear forgery - did you see the serial number - 123456789

You can get get copies of samples like on the internet and modify them.

Please confirm you have been in contact with the police


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just want to let the matter rest.

My wife is ill and I have Heart disease. I had a Heart Attack not so long ago. Any stress like that could bring on a stroke in either my wife or myself. Or could well cause me to have another heart attack.
I just want to put it behind me.

Please just let the matter rest. I can cope with the loss of money , but I couldent cope with all the distress this could cause in my family.

I have family members coming up for christmas . The stress would be to much for my wife and I . Please let it rest
Expert:  Senior Partner replied 4 years ago.
HI Albert. I can understand this is very difficult for you and you may well wish to forget about it. I do not like the idea of these scum getting away with it but at the end of the day it is uniquely the police will catch up with them .

I wish you and your wife well and I hope you are both a Happy Christmas. If I may offer a word of caution - when scammers are successful it is quite common for them to pass on details to other people so please that any other offers or approaches with extreme caution.

IF you have any doubt s please feel free to contact me