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I returned from Florida on the 28th October to a £4400.00 mobile

Customer Question

I returned from Florida on the 28th October to a £4400.00 mobile phone bill, I have complained 27 times since then and got awful treatment. It seams that because I didn't turn my roaming button off is why my bill is so high (I didn't even know what roaming was!) I have had a manager ring me today from orange and offer me 50% off which I have refused due to the bad communication! Can you advise me on what to do next! Thank you jo
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your question. My name is Jo and I will try to help with this.

In order to give you an answer tailored to your circumstances, I will just need to ask you some preliminary questions so that I can consider your position from all angles.

Can you give me a bit more information please?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
This was the letter I sent to orange customer services, managers and Olaf Swanee by recorded delivery

To whom it may concern
Account number : 70835157
Miss j wingfield
15 st Philips road
Burton on the wolds
Mobile number XXXXXXXXXXX

I have been a loyal ,well paying customer with orange for many years now and I am very sad to express my deepest disgust, outrage and stressed emotion with how appalling your customer services treat customers like myself.
I booked a holiday to Florida in October 2012 for the 6th to the 28th October 2013. I am a very well educated business woman and work very hard as a midwife and director or a private clinic. As you can imagine I work many long hours so my family holiday with my 3 young children and husband was long awaited.
I had to take my orange phone with me to florida as I needed to keep in contact with my staff midwives in England while I was away. I made very few phone calls as I knew it was very expensive to call overseas so therefore contacted my staff via the Internet using the free wifi in the hotels I was staying in. I used this method as I knew it was free to use. I had several text messages from orange to advise me on the amount of MB I was using but as I am not computer trained , that meant nothing to me what so ever. I needed to discuss a few issues with my staff regarding some poorly pregnant ladies but again did this via free wifi. On my last day (October 27th) and on my way back to the airport I called 150 and requested a cost of my bill so far via text. I received a text within seconds to say it was over £3000.!
I am absolutely disgusted that nobody once tried to contact me to ask why my bill was escalating or even put a block on it!
I returned back to England on the 28th October and phoned orange to ask why my bill was so expensive when i had used free wifi and the man I spoke to told me to wait until I had my bill in my hand and phone back as I could be dealt with better.
I called on the 13th November when I had my bill delivered and discussed all of the above with a member of your team. He told me the reason it was high was due to the roaming button not being turned off? Again, why did nobody contact me about this as i had no idea that this needed to be done. He put me in hold and told me he had spoken to his manager and a new bill wold be generated due to the confusion and it would be around the £100 as this is what my monthly orange bills normally are. He also assured me that the new bill would be with me within 7 days! and had a text message to say that this was being investigated!
10 days past and I had heard nothing so I decided to call back. It took me over 30 minutes to get through as I kept getting cut off. I finally spoke to another member of your team who told me that this could take up to 3 weeks to investigate and sort out! However the previous staff member said only a week! He told me he would escalate it and I would get a call back regarding my bill. I then called back again on Friday 29th November and again got cut off 4 times before discussing all of the above AGAIN with a lady called joy on extension 37046. She told me that this could be sorted by her colleague who was working in her office and she would call me back before 8pm that evening. I never got a call back!
By this time , I was getting more and more stressed about it which also affects my whole family.
I cold certainly not run my business in this poor way.
I had to spend another hour of my family time and call back on Sunday 1st December and spoke to a member of your team called Anna on extension 21854. I discussed ALL of the above AGAIN and told her my tremendous disappointment with the lack of help, conflicting advice, and shear rudeness from the others in the team. Her response was "the reason you have been treated this way is because no one wants to deal with it"! What a appalling team you have. To think that I have paid you thousands of my pounds over years really upsets me as you obviously have no respect for customers supporting your company!
Anna really made me believe that she was going to sort my bill out for me and told me she was escalating the bill again and sending it to another team to sort out. She told me she had sent an email to her manager who would call me back by Friday 6th December to update me. She also advised me to pay £269.63 for this months line rental and up to date phone calls. I did this over the phone with Anna (authorisation code 000694)
And yet again no call back. I had a busy day at work on the 6th December and got home at 1830hrs and decided to call back. This time I wanted to speak to a manager! I phoned at 1852hrs, 1853hrs, 1913hrs, 1917hrs, 1926hrs, and 1931hrs and each frustrating time I spoke to a member of staff and told them the same repetitive story and demanded talking to a manager, they cut me off! The last time I spoke to a member if staff called shivum on extension 63463 and at 1945hrs he promised me his manager would ring me back within 10 minutes and yet again, NO CALL BACK!!!
I then rang yet again on Monday 9th December and spoke to Anna again to update her on my continued poor treatment and asked why I had heard nothing. She advised me that there had been no update and said she was going to discuss this with her manager Jason James . Anna said that Jason would ring me that day before 6pm to see if a resolution could be solved. I forwarded my complaint via email and awaited his call. At 545pm I received an email from Jason to ask if it was ok to call me the following morning as he wanted to go through my complaints and issues. I agreed to this. On Tuesday 10th I should have been working as a midwife and had a full clinic within my practice. As Jason said he was going to call me I arranged one of my staff o come and cover my shift so I could await Jason's call without interruption. I never received a call! I had to pay my staff to cover my shift for nothing! Absolutely disgusting yet again! I sent Jason an email expressing my disgust to which he instantly replied that he had been in meetings all day! Again, poor service! Why couldn't he get Anna to email me and make me aware of this so I didn't have to pay a member of my staff to cover my shift?
Wednesday 11th I called Anna, she said she would speak to Jason and call me back. Within 10 minutes Emma Corcoran called me on Jason's behalf! She said she would discuss it further with Jason and ring me back at 3pm to advise me of a resolution . AGAIN NO PHONE CALL! Even after Emma seemed disgusted on my treatment ! I emailed Emma at 5pm to say how disappointed I was with her as she didn't call me back and her excuse was....... The lines have been down so she was unable to call me!!! Really??! Why couldn't she email me at 3pm to apologise if the lines wee down? She then emailed me to say Jason would call me 3 days later ! I told her it was my busiest day at work a d I would find it difficult to talk to him and it was unfair to leave it another 3 days of me worrying and stressing over the whole situation. Her reply was basically tough!

I cannot believe you treat customers in this way. This has caused massive stress over myself and my family and my disgust in orange has made me conclude that I do not want to be part of your contacts any longer.
Due to your lack of communication, rude customer services , being fobbed off on countless occasions , being hung up on on the phone during my family time and the cause of family distress over unnecessary extortionate bills I feel I deserve a full refund of the roaming charges and I want my orange account cancelling as I want to take my loyal custom to another mobile company.
I would appreciate it if this complaint can be dealt with ASAP
My complaint has also been forwarded to my solicitor.
Joanna wingfield
I have had a manager call me at 1530 today and offered a 50% discount but feel £2200 is still unfair !
Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for the information.

I'm very sorry but I cannot give you good news.

You should accept the offer as they are not under any obligation to offer anything at all and at court you would lose and have to pay their costs.

Come what may, you didn't turn off data roaming. The charges are yours to pay. Within the EU data roaming charges are capped at 50 euros. Outside there is no cap and you are liable to pay I'm afraid.

Take the offer as its more than they are under any obligation to give you.

I'm very sorry but I have to give you truthful information.