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My wife and I have had two very harassing emails from a guy

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My wife and I have had two very harassing emails from a guy who invested money in my father in laws company threatening to chase us for money he is owed from investing.

The company was a ltd company and my father in law the director. The company was not profitable so is in the process of being closed down which had obviously hacked this investor off!

My wife nor I have ever had anything to do with this company but this guy is threatening to come after us with investigators to claim money my father in law owes him from us???

Is there any truth in these claims and what legal advice can we get to stop this guy from contacting us as it's really stressing my wife out?

tdlawyer :

Hello, thank you for your question.

tdlawyer :

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I can assist you with this.

Customer: Hi
tdlawyer :

There is a line between telling somebody they have a claim against them (rightly or wrongly) and pursuing them with considerable amounts of unnecessary correspondence repeating the same message and threatening you.

tdlawyer :

It sounds like the issue here is that this person is annoyed because of the company's demise, not that he has a legitimate basis of claim against everybody individually. Would you agree with that?

Customer: Sure, however he has stated he has involved us in claiming monies owed?
tdlawyer :

On what basis does he say he does this?

tdlawyer :

Before suing you, he would have to set out this detail.

tdlawyer :

I can't think of why he should be able to come after you and your wife, when on the face of it, your father-in-law was the director. But then, it's hard to come after a director when your claim is against the company!

tdlawyer :

The company is separate in its own legal right.

Customer: This is what I thought, sounds like scare mongery, he says that the debt to creditors may be unrecoverable, the investigation will now focus on 'his' family and gives us options:
Customer: 1. Cooperate with investigatirs
Customer: 2. Do nothing and let events take their course.
Customer: 3. Attempt to settle with investors
Customer: finally - more to follow involving police
tdlawyer :


tdlawyer :

Sounds like scaremongering to me. He sets out what he says will happen, but not explain why it should happen, i.e. the legal basis for it.

tdlawyer :

My gut feeling, and you have to appreciate I know very little about your case, is that you have nothing to worry about.

Customer: He claims there was fraudulent activity and 'his' family.
Customer: This is and never was the case though
Customer: That's his case for emailing us?
tdlawyer :

Proving fraud is very hard indeed, and unless you were part of that fraud, then there can still be no claim against you.

Customer: I think he's just very bitter and I can completely understand this.
tdlawyer :

And he would need to set out the details of the fraud. That said, if he had details, surely he would state them rather then suggest it's all about the investiagtions.

Customer: hiwever we are currently in a position where we don't need this stress and want him to stop emailing us?
Customer: How can we stop him?
tdlawyer :

Okay - this is likely to amount to harassment if he continues to repeatedly put his case to you.

tdlawyer :

This is a criminal offence and the police can become involved.

Customer: Yes
tdlawyer :

And you can issue a civil claim too if you wished. But the police often resolve it.

Customer: So police as first contact?
tdlawyer :

Yes, they cost nothing! Although they can take a bit of work to become interested, but if ultimately, if you have to, then you could issue a claim in the civil courts.

Customer: Great - thank you
tdlawyer :

That's okay. Can I help with anything else?

Customer: Nope - Merry Christmas :)
tdlawyer :

You too :)

tdlawyer :

Thank you!

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