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Kasare, Solicitor
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I buried my daughter last May, since then my son/in/law has

Customer Question

I buried my daughter last May, since then my son/in/law has met some one and she has moved in (September} with her 2 teenage daughters. She has taken over his life and we no longer see my 2 grand/children aged 9 & 12 Is there anything I can do. I haven't seen them since September any one who new my daughter my son-in-law seems to ignore it's not just us.We were a very close family until my daughter died. Please have you any answers.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Kasare replied 4 years ago.
Hello thank you for your question, I will assist you with this.

I am sorry for your loss and the ongoing loss of the alienation from the granchildren, who are your link to your daughter.

Obviously the death of his wife, your daughter, hit your son in law hard, and that is likely the reason he is trying to cut all ties, to remove the reminders of his wife. He may also feel like he has betrayed you or your daughter by moving in with another woman and does not wish to face your disapproval.

I appreciate you have lost your daughter also and don't want to lose your grandchildren, and I note that you say you have tried to contact via phone and text, but before turning to a legal resolution, I would seriously recommend that you write a letter to your son in law, explaining how you feel and how not seeing your grandchildren is affecting you. Explain you do not judge him or his choices, but that it would mean a lot to you if you could remain in your grandchildren's life and that you can also help him and them if and when necessary. Tell him you are grieving to and explain what it is like not seeing your grandchildren also.

If this does not work, then you could consider the legal route. It is not a simple route and I would advise you to seek specialist advice and assistance to handle this matter correctly and sensitively. Grandparents do not have automatic rights to see and spend time with their grandchildren. You would have to make an application to court for Permission to apply for a contact order. IF you get permission, then you make a further application for the contact order. If your son in law opposes this, then you would both have to attend the court.

Any decision of the Court would be made in the best interests of the children, not you or their father.

I hope this assists, if you have any further questions, please do ask.
Expert:  Kasare replied 4 years ago.
Hi Brenda

I've not heard back from you since I posted my answer. Is there anything else I can assist you with?

If not, please don't forget to rate my answer so that I will be credited for my time.

If you have any further queries, please ask.