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I recently bought a property which is a lease hold (23 Jul

Customer Question

I recently bought a property which is a lease hold (23 Jul 13). The property consists of two identical buildings converted into 10 flats (5 in each) with a converted barn as a car port and grounds. The lease states that all 10 properties are equally responsible for the upkeep of the exterior of the building, the railings, gates and car barn. When I purchased the property it was being managed (for a bank) and being sold by the same company. 1. After I moved in I received a list of quoted for work that was required to be completed (£5000) over a period of time. This work was known about prior to me purchasing the property but was not mentioned during the sale of conveyancing process. There is a service charge of £135 per month for the upkeep, electricity for the gates etc Should I have been informed of this pending cost (allowing me to lower my offer to compensate for it) or should my solicitor have found this out during the sale process? 2. The bank has now sold all of the properties and the lease has been passed over to the owners to set up a company to manage the lease. Does the original lease I signed still in force or should a new lease be set up and signed. 3. Recently the redecoration of the outside of the property has been done. At the group meeting I asked to paint my own and it was agreed. I would only contribute to the group areas, such as main entrance way (which worked out at £60 per flat) I received a further bill for £220 to cover the cost of some of the other apartments which are 3 bedrooms rather than a 2 bedroom like mine. The lease says that all occupants pay a 1 1/0th. This seams unfair when some properties are much larger. 4. The lease states that no caravans, commercial vehicles or vans can be parked on the apartment or retained areas. Unfortunately I have a van (personal transport, not commercial) and this was not pointed out to me at the time. Over 6 months later I am being told I should not park my van on the property. This is because I brought up the issue of the additional costs to the smaller apartments. As I have parked here every day for 6 month can they now tell me to move my van from my own car parking section of the barn Your assistance in this mater is greatly appreciated as this is causing me untold stress and worry. I am a serving soldier and could do without the stress Ian Saunders

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law