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Dear sir/madam, Last week, have cancelled my car insurance

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Dear sir/madam,

Last week, have cancelled my car insurance with BE WISER, 5 weeks before the policy was due to expire. The contact lady said there would be no charge and I would receive a rebate of £168. The contact lady requested I destroy policy letters in my possession just as a matter of course.
I have now received a letter from BE WISER confirming policy cancellation date(no mention of any refund) requesting I return all policy documents immediately with a threat I would have to pay the equivalent of the full car insurance premium ( in excess of £1K) if I fail to do so.
The policy cancellation is confirmed by email and letter, do they have the power to enforce release of policy documents( cover notes etc from the customer?
There is another issue in that I am unsure the documents were ever sent to me ! I appear to have email traffic but no trace of documents arriving by post.
Reading the Be wiser web site it seems many others have similar experiences and their conduct is certainly questionable.I have had other previous issues with them and generally their behaviours border on bullying cutomers who are unable to find a communication route to resolve issue proffessionally.

your help and advice in this particular matter would be much appreciated.
Thank you,

Stephen Bramley

Buachaill :

1. There is no obligation under the Motor Insurance Acts to return policy documents where a policy is terminated before the end of the policy date. You can make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman at in relation to BE WISER's conduct in this regard in writing you threatening letters over the issue. Additionally, as there is an unexpired portion of the term of the insurance policy left, you are entitled to the refund of your money which was said to your by the lady you dealt with. Accordingly, you should initially write to BE WISER and request your refund and state that you have no policy documents. If no refund arrives or a further request for the policy documents is made, then you should complain to the Financial Ombudsman. Be aware that it is a pre-requisite to making a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman that you have given BE WISER an opportunity to sort out your grievance. So write to BE WISER at the outset.


Thank you is has put my mind at rest !


Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX me a path to follow !

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