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Buachaill, Barrister
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Sorry to have to come back - and I am happy to pay another

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Sorry to have to come back - and I am happy to pay another fee - please can you give me the HMRC form number that has to be completed as my solicitor doesn't know anything about this? Does the fact that I have all my post including HMRC correspondence has gone to property A in anyway compromised the my nomination of property B being my Principal Private Residence? I kept this as my mailing address for reasons of privacy and confidentiality. Thank you.

Buachaill :

1. Hello, it seems I am in error that your solicitor has to fill in a tax form. It seems you just apply the relief and make no CGT Declaration. Sorry about that. Here is a link to the Revenue CGT guide for claiming the relief which both yourself and your solicitor should read It sets out all you need to know about it. Secondly, it does not matter that you have used Property A as your postal address. It is the fact of where you live which is important which is a simple factual issue. Just because you use a certain address for the Revenue does not mean that it is your principal private residence.

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