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My sister of 82 who is totally dependant on 24/7 nursing due

Customer Question

My sister of 82 who is totally dependant on 24/7 nursing due to a stroke in January 2013 was found to not have the capacity to make an informed decision at NHS continuing healthcare meeting on the 29th May 2013, she is incontinent has no mobility needs help to feed herself which she has a poor appetite and has PEG for medication and extra nutriments. Two of her neighbours who work as home carers Manchester city Council raised unfounded concerns to the council that Marion wanted to go home on the 21st June 2013 without our knowledge and we have known these people for over 20 years and since then then they have been doing everything in there power to get her home and still on going today I have lodged five complaints with Manchester city Council with out any serious answers and they have been hell bent on appeasing the neighbours and trying to get her home with no thought for my sisters safety and welfare. After nine assessments the case manager said she did have capacity to make an informed decision but with concerns and on 16th November 2013 he emailed to tell me that was going to be assessed by the NHS Salford funding to see what equipment she would need for home and on the 19th November the assessment took place where Gail the NHS commissioner said there was no way my sister would be allowed to go home in her condition and told me that within 3 weeks of going home she could have bed sores. On boxing day my sister Marion fell from her chair at the nursing home where she lives and as a result broke her hip where she had an operation and ended up with pneumonia she has been sent back to her nursing home where she is very poorly and. Her case manager and the neighbours work from the same social services office and seem determined to get Marion my sister home hook or by crook with disregard for her safety and welfare I have got everything documented from the day she had the stroke and wish to know if I have a case against the council for not having an interest in her relatives and next of kin and putting my sister at risk if they get they way and get her back home I have lasting power of attorney for both property & financial and health & wellbeing William XXXXXXXXXX

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law