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Great auntie left me ALL JEWELLERY in her will but when the

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Great auntie left me ALL JEWELLERY in her will but when the valuation came my uncle had clearly changed it (he wants to buy it back) but the jewellery on the list is not the jewellery that she told my mum she was leaving me. We spoke to the solicitor dealing with it and he told us to speak to uncle. My uncle is very good friend of the solicitor. I rang the jewelers and they confirmed that the valuation had been changed. What should I do
When you say the valuation was changed do you mean the items valued were not those you thought had been left to you?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No the valuation I received has been clearly changed and we rang the jeweler and he confirmed it had been changed

For jewellery that you have agreed is to come to you?

Why have you not just been given the jewellery?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My uncle let me know I was left all jewellery , but if I was going to sell it could he buy the engagement ring eternity ring and wedding ring. (I was going to let him just have them ) so he went to gwt them valued I got a copy of the valuation and you can clearly see he has changed them . My aunt was a wealthy lady and the valuation I got was for 675 pounds she told my mum she was leaving all her jewellery to me as my dad has never provided for me it is my dads auntie my great auntie this lust of jewellery I received is not the list of a wealthy lady and the rings my uncle wants is not even listed on the valuation .he will have had to get a valuation donw on jewellery for probate and ut is in probate now. I can go and get jewellery when I want but I am very shocked that he felt the need to rip me off.. because for 675 pounds my dad granma and grand on dads side now want notthing to do with me as they were left notthing and always thought they would be

I agree that sounds like a harsh thing for him to try and do.

You're right though, at the end of the day, you're entitled to the jewellery itself, and you can sell it if you wish to as it would have yours, having been left to you in the will. There is nothing from a civil perspective that you can do, as you were lucky enough to spot what he had tried to do. However, it may still be a criminal offence, as he has attempted to obtain these from you at less than their value and he did so by trying to defraud you with the valuation. So you could report this to the police if you wished to.

I hope this helps and answers your question?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you so much for that. Should the solicitor dealing with it not sort this out as he is working for my auntie.. I have taped the conversation I had with him last as I dont trust the solicitor with them being good friends and was going to try and see if I could get a find out how much my auntie had all her jewellery insured for befor she died . And some one told me I was entitled to have a copy of the full will as I have been named in it is that true as when we asked for a copy he just sent a extract and said as my name wasnt on any other paper work I couldnt have it the will was 6 pages long and I got one page . I would have been happy to just take what was on the list if he hadn't change it but withhim doing that it makes me wonder why . I know he thought he would get away with this as me and my mum are not academic but my brother is and lucky spoted it straight away. . And would probate be interested in knowing what he has done. And my partner has asked me to ask if I am being charged for every question I ask .

The solicitor should give you a copy of the will as once probate is granted it becomes a public document anyway. If he does not you can obtain it from he Probate registry.

This is likely something you will need to sort if you're doing a deal on the jewellery with him. If you want the items then they have been left to you but any deal for a monetary sum for the goods is for you to resolve.

And no, I doubt probate would be interested in what he has done with the valuation etc.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well thank you so much for your help anyway not sure what to do because for a wealthy lady 675 pounds worth of jewellery to me and every one else who knows about this has said it isn't much especially when she had some huge rocks on her fingers all the time . And if my uncle has done this to me it makes us wonder what other forms he has changed . I dont see the point in making a will if people can do what they like with the things that have been left to someone . The solicitor did saywe can get a copy of the will when it becomes a ppublic document but I was told that if I was named in it I should be able to get a copy before it became a public document. It all seems very underhand to me when we know he is a close friend of my uncle what was the point of her saying in the will that charlotte jones is to get ALL JEWELLERY then only gets odds and sods of it . Well I won't let uncle buy the jewellery of me and I won't be selling it to any one . But all this has done to me for 675 pounds has made three people who I thought loved me want notthing more to do with me as they were left notthing my auntie told my mum she wished she could be at the reading off her will because she was leavung sime big shocks for the people who thought they would be left loaded but she was going to make sure that I was ok I feel like I have been used as a pawn to upset everyone when I never knew I was going to be left anything anyway and when I was going to let my uncle keep it aswell as I felt he shouldn't have to buy it of me it was his wife s jewellery how could I sell it to him then he sends a valuation that he then chaged I dont see the point of a will at all but thank you for your help

I understand exactly why you say the things you do!

I'm pleased to have helped, is there anything else I can assist you with?
tdlawyer and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No there isn't anything else thank you .I stiil dont know what to do but I am sure it will work its self out and might just make a appointment with a solicitor any way . But thank you again tony and I will make sure I give you top rating you have help put a few things straight for me it is just hard to know what to do if anything .