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my husband suffers from mental health issues. he is on Prozac.

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my husband suffers from mental health issues. he is on Prozac. I am not party to his medical notes but know he has mania. He went crazy and nearly killed us in the car. I called police and asked them to bring a doctor. just police turned up who did nothing as he was sitting calmly and said I had gone mad because he said he was leaving me. He lies and calls me a psychopath, sociopath claims the neighbours have problems with me. He has given our BTL house to his drug taking sons and has gone to divorce lawyer. I have pleaded with the layer to get him to go to a doctor and counsellor but they have made up 5 ridiculous reasons to divorce me. I am very worried that the law will not let a doctor intervene. He has had a break down before and had psychiatric help. Everyone one thinks he is crazy to divorce me as I was so in love with him, he is wonderful when not in crisis. even on the day he was mad he was saying lovely things. One o the reasons he gave for divorce is that I have told people he has depression, which is not A ;ie. He is deluded and paranoid that i will smash the house up and get him arrested. he only lives on lies to everyone now. I am very concerned that he may do something terminal when he comes out o this crisis. He will not go to the doctor.
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
May I ask what you wish to know about this position?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I actually want to know if the legal service can step aside to allow a doctor to examine him. It is his mental state that I am concerned about. They do not have his history, have not lived with his condition and have little or no knowledge on clinical depression.

The courts will grant a divorce because of unreasonable behaviour by me... which I cannot defend and there is no point as I do not have the money and therefore the judge will not be interested.

Most people with mental health issues end up lonely and worse off, because they will not tell about their problems.


His doctor has pleaded with me to get him to go in but he will not even talk to me. I have let his solicitor know the doctor wants to see him, but he will take no notice.


I have written to the health minister and he has put me in touch with the justice department.. I really am very concerned, he has spent all the money and now he is getting involved with the activities of his sons.

I am afraid that you have done all that you can - now you need to concentrate on protecting your interests.
The only other step you an take is to give his doctor the details of his solicitor.
It is then up to them what further action is taken - you need to ensure that you get th efinancial settlement you need to secure your future
Please ask if you need further details
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you for that reply, I will give solicitor info to Doctor. I have written to the department of justice.


There are many programmes on television and institutions like Mind and Time to change who advocate that we understand mental illness. Many marriages to those with mental health problems fail but it is usually the partner who instigates, whereas I, after deep thought want to protect mine and my husband and no one is really interested. Both my and his solicitor are not interested at all. the failings of compassion and understanding may well result in this man, my husband eventually taking his own life or dying a sad and lonely life. Because of this I cannot stay silent.

I am afraid that he is entitled to make his own decisions for good or bad.
If his Doctor does not believe he has mental capacity to do this then it is up to his Doctor to take action - not you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok thanks, XXXXX XXXXX I word the info to his doctor? is there any protocol? Are there any acts or laws I should cite?

YOU do nothing at all.
You give his Doctor the solicitors details - it is up to them what they do next
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

should I tell his doctor what is going on i.e. indicate that I think he has impaired judgement. If I just give the doctor his solicitors address he will wonder why.

You said that his Doctor had asked you to get your ex to go and see him - that is the context in which yo give the address
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