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I met a woman online, seven months ago.We have become very

close, and wish to marry... Show More
close, and wish to marry and live together in UK. She is Ukrainian, and lives and works there. I am British, and live and work here. I visited her at New Year and lived with her , in her flat, for the two weeks I was there.
My question is, how do we prove that we have a; "Genuine and Subsistive" relationship, given that the UKBA have a clear idea of what constitutes such; - Joint bank accounts - Both names on utility bills - Joint mortgage/tenancy agreement....etc...?
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LondonlawyerJ :

Hello I am a lawyer with over 15 years experience I will try to help you with this.

LondonlawyerJ :

Am I right in thinking that the only time that you have actually spent together is the 2 weeks over the new year. Probably following on from an extensive on line conversation. Does she speak English? Do you speak Ukrainian? Have you met her family? Do you share your money together? Have you met her family? Has she met your family? Is she pregnant? Does she have any children? Are you sure you wish to marry her?


Only those 2 weeks so far, I am going back in April for another 2 weeks. I did meet her family while I was there, she has her mother still living, and one married sister. Yes, she speaks very good English, but I don't speak Ukrainian. Although I am learning Russian. She has no children, and is not pregnant. She hasn't met my family yet, but we are arranging for her to visit here in the summer, when she has her vacation time from work. We share money in so far as, we do the shopping for food together, and travel on local transport....that sort of thing. While I was there, we lived as a couple, slept together, ate together...etc. We are both cwrtain that we want to marry each other.

LondonlawyerJ :

Thankyou for that. I will look into this and get an answer to you either his evening or tomorrow morning. I hope that is OK.


Yes, that's great, thankyou for your time.

LondonlawyerJ :

She will not be able to apply for residence in his country as part of an unmarried couple unless you can satisfy all these requirements

are in a current, long-term relationship (ie at least 2 years);

are living together with your partner;

share responsibility with your partner for any children;

share financial responsibilities with your partner, such as a joint mortgage or tenancy agreement, a joint bank account or joint savings, and utility bills in both your names;

and your partner have visited one another's home country and family; and

you have made plans about living together in the UK with your partner.

There are also financial. English language and suitability requirements to be met.

You cannot at the moment meet these requirements. You say you intend to marry, does that mean that she is your fiancée now? If she is then your fiancée she can apply for a 6 month visa to enter the UK if you can show that:

you and your partner are aged18 or over at the date of application;

your partner must not be related to you in a way that means you could not marry in UK law;

you and your partner must have met in person;

your relationship must be genuine and subsisting;

you must be seeking entry to the UK to allow your marriage or civil partnership to take place;

any previous relationship must have permanently broken down (this does not apply to certain polygamous relationships);

you and your partner must intend to live together permanently in the UK;

you must meet the financial requirements; and

you must meet the language requirement.


If you were to marry within that 6 month period she could then switch her application to that of a spouse wishing to reside.

A spouse applying has a list of requirements to be met similar to those for the fiancée application. Neither the fiancée application nor the marriage application have a 2 year requirement.

I am afraid that you are unlikely to be able to get her residing in this country as your unmarried partner. As you both wish to get married then an extra benefit of getting married would be that it would become much less difficult for her to apply to reside in this country.

I hope this answer helps. Please feel free to ask further questions. Also I would be grateful if you would please rate my service. This will not close your question and I will continue to answer.


Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

I can meet the financial requirements ok, I earn approximately £21,000 p.a. The English language test shouldn't be a problem either, she already speaks very good English;- she graduated from University, and worked as a school teacher of English language.

We plan to spend as much time as possible meeting and living with each other, work commitments etc allowing, and meeting with each other's families also. My query was with the wording on the UKBA website, which seems to suggest that we need to prove we have a Genuine and Subsistive relationship ( joint bank accounts, shared utility bills etc), in order for her to apply for, and be granted a Fiance visa. Am I correct in this, or do we only need to prove the intention of such( i.e. where we will live, etc)?Obviously, once she is here, we will live together, and have those things. As we intend to marry, and not just live together, yes, she is my fiance.

You do need to prove you have a genuine and subsisting relationship as she is your fiancee. You will be aware of the requirements for this and it looks like your lives are becoming more and more intertwined and joint. I wish you and your fiancee all the best for the future.