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i lent my dughter 17000 pound two years ago.she was paying

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i lent my dughter 17000 pound two years ago.she was paying me back 200 ponds a month.she only paid for one year. now she says i owe her this. because i lived with her for a year. i do not have it in writeing, but i do hve money tranfurs on my statment, also on my statement all the money she paid me back. i dont know what to do about this

My name isXXXXX and I'm happy to help with your question today but I need a little more information from you please:

How much does she want from you?


Are you still living with her?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

she wants it all olnly lived with her for one year in 1990.i came into money 2 years ago she asked me to lend her some.

OK understood.


Your daughter is obviously trying to wriggle out of repaying the debt she owes you. The fact of the matter is that she borrowed the money and if obliged to repay you. The fact that she has made some payments suggests that she accepts her liability.


The cost of living with her in 1990 is obviously a ploy to avoid paying you back. You do not owe her anything unless there was an express agreement that you would pay her for rent or lodgings.


You can ask your daughter to settle this matter amicably with you and, if she refuses, you can ask a solicitor to send her a letter demanding payment of the outstanding sum or make an arrangement to pay. If she refuses you can sue her in the County Court for all the money she owes plus costs and interests. If you win the claim you can then take enforcement action against her e.g. bailiffs, attachment of earnings etc.


I hope this assists. Can I help any further?



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