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Hi i have been in an accident in my sisters car which she

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Hi i have been in an accident in my sister's car which she is insured but i am not, im insured on my own car fully comp, could you clarify what will happen with her insurance and will i have to pay for liability and damaged even if im not to blame

Many thanks

LondonlawyerJ :

Hello I am a lawyer with over 15 years experience. I will try to help you with this. Can you give some more details please about the accident. How did it happen, any other vehicles damaged people hurt etc. Were the police involved?

Customer: It happened on a main road with vehicles travelling in both directions with a medium size roundabout at the end of the road. I was turning right so i checked if there was any cars coming from the rigth which there wasnt so i moved forward to the middle of the road waiting for someone to give way or opportunity to move off at that time there was another coming straight off the roundabout straight towards me n hit the rear end of the my car. No injuries to either parties. My point of is that if i just pulled out then the collision would have been at the front of the car meaning the other car had no time to react, which in this case he did but the speed he was travelling made that difficult
Customer: The police were involved i thought because i am fully comp on my car, i can drive other cars third party, i also had consent from my sister, the police had told me that my insurance did not cover this as a result a fixed penalty of 6 points and £300 fine
LondonlawyerJ :

Thankyou for that I didn't see that you had replied until just now. I will answer your question today.

Customer: Hi im still waiting
LondonlawyerJ :

working on it now.

Customer: Many thanks
LondonlawyerJ :

If you can show it was the other driver’s fault you will not have to pay damages.


If you are responsible for the accident you will have to pay for damage caused by your bad driving. It is not really possible to say whose fault the accident was from what you have said. It sounds as though you may have been stationary waiting to move off when you were hit. If you were stationary then there will be a good argument that you are either not at all or not mostly to blame. If you were struck when pulling across the other side of the road to turning right then it is likely you will be at least partly to blame. The further across you are the more it is likely to be the other driver’s fault.


If you are found liable even in part for the accident you may have to pay damages.


How badly was your sister’s car damaged? And the other car? Either your sister or the other driver could bring a claim against you. A claim could be brought by the Motor Insurers Bureau who sometimes pursue uninsured drivers for losses incurred by other road users. Do you know if the other driver is blaming you and asking for compensation?


If she has notified her insurer they will come after you &/or the other driver to seek compensation. The other driver’s insurers will deal with any claim against them and may also claim against you.


The police probably completer an accident report and this will be the key document in attributing responsibility. Unfortunately this could drag on for some time and you may have to deal with claims and counterclaims from the insurance companies.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What would be the course of action to take now?
Hello. I have been away from my computer this evening. I will answer this tomorrow morning.
What happens now? Either the other driver or your sister or their respective insurers may contact you to seek recovery of money to cover damage to their vehicles. You will need to respond if they do so. Your sister or her insurers could start action against the other driver to recover the costs of repairing her car.
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