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please could you advise daughter moved out of my home

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please could you advise daughter moved out of my home to live with her fiancé we had catalogues together some were in her name and some were in mine.after she left I fell behind with the payments as I was applying for my state pension.the debts were sold to a company I made an offer of payment on my daughters behalf and I continued to pay the debt as arranged with the daughter has fallen out with me for several months but she has been on to her credit file and has phoned the relevant debt companys who I am paying through and told them she knows nothing about the catalogues and I obtained them fraudulently.she wants her credit file cleared as wants a mortgage.i am quite prepared to carry on paying the monthly money but she wants the catalogues put into my name.lowell financial have been in touch with me by phone and told me they will no longer accept any payments as she wants her credit file cleared and they must go down the fraud route.i was paying the debt off through the bank account she opened in her name for me to pay everything .my pension goes into that bank account every week.i am willing to have the debts transferred to my name and I will continue paying them.i am worried sick as the company concerned has told me they can involve the police.please could you give me some advice.thankyou so much

LondonlawyerJ :

Hello I am a lawyer with over 15 years experience. I will try to help you with this.

LondonlawyerJ :

Can you just confirm a few things for me please? When the catalogues were taken out were any signatures needed or was it done online? Has your daughter made any payments to the catalogue? How much are the debts that are yours and how much are the debts which are your daughters? Are you still making payments?


I am paying for everything.there were no signatures as the catalogues were got on line.i agreed with my daughter I would pay them as she was having a bad time as she was undergoing treatment for blackouts she opened a bank account in her name and I pay everything through that bank account as my pension goes in there.she wants me to take responsibility for the debts so she can clear her credit file and get a mortgage.i don't mind paying as I have been doing as long as they put the debt in my name

LondonlawyerJ :

Did you agree to pay them at the time they were taken out or at a later stage?


hi I agreed with my daughter we would both get items off the catalogues. she has had items off the catalogues as I have but I said I would continue to pay it was only when I fell on hard times I had to have 2 knee replacements and a hip replacent due to my illness as my bones are deteriorating and I am due to have major surgery on my spine within 2 weeks.i am not trying to not pay for the items I will continue paying the way I am doing through the debt company all I need is them transferred to my name

LondonlawyerJ :

I am struggling a little to get to grips with this. So there are some catalogue debts in your daughter’s name which were opened by her in her own name but which you at some point agreed to help her with because she couldn’t make the payments.


You have agreed to pay of all the debts with the company who have brought all the debts together. Some of this debt is yours and some is your daughter’s.


If you have the account details for the finance company should continue to pay them. It might makes sense to do it through your own account. How much debt is there and how much are you paying and how often?


Did you state anything false in any of the catalogue applications that you made? If not then you have done nothing wrong and need not worry.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

today I have written to the companys concerned and asked them if it is possible to have the debts transferred to my name .I told them why my daughter wants me to accept full responsibility for the debts as she wants them taken off her credit file.i don't mind them being put into my name and I will continue to pay them as I have been doing .I cant understand why children treat their parents in such a shabby way.i am being contacted every hour by the debt company asking me to pay £2000 as would let me off with £500 if I pay for it with my debit card and they wont follow through with my daughters request to go down the fraud route.i don't know what to do?.i am extremely worried about their threats.