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Aston Lawyer
Aston Lawyer, Solicitor
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where can I find a template declaration of solvency form required

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where can I find a template declaration of solvency form required in a transfer of equity for nil value

Hi there,

Thanks for your enquiry. Hope this is good enough for you to tamper witH.

Kind Regards



I, [ ] of [

1. By a Transfer dated and made between (1) myself and (2) XXXX I
transferred the property known asXXXXX Anytown ("the Property") as
is registered under Title Number xxxxxx into the sole name of XXXX

2. I confirm that at the date of the said Transfer I was fully solvent financially and I was able to pay
my debts and liabilities as they fall due and that the value of my assets (exclusive
of the Property) exceeded the amount of my liabilities taking into account my
contingent and prospective liabilities and this has remained my financial
position up to the present time

3. There are no pending proceedings current or anticipated against me so far as I am aware in respect of bankruptcy or any unsatisfied claim by any creditor or existing or any anticipated arrangement with creditors and the Transfer was not completed by me to avoid creditors

AND I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the provisions of
the Statutory Declarations Act 1835


In the County of

this day of 2014

Solicitor/Commissioner for Oaths

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks. Do you know if this template is substantially similar to the one used by banks? Is it a "fixed" format or is there license to alter it substantially?


This is the standard declaration used by us Solicitors. It is normally us, as opposed to the Banks that have to prepare them.

However, it is not in a fixed format, however, and can be adjusted if required.

Kind Regards


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Al.


If I need a sollicitor to do the transaction, are you qualified and if so what are your contact details?






I am qualified, but afraid I am not allowed to tout for business on this website!


All the best