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hi i am being asked to withdraw from my university i had a

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hi i am being asked to withdraw from my university i had a meeting in november due to family issues which led to me missing lessons, i then signed a form saying i had to attend all lessons but it said nothing about if i was ill. i have missed a few lessons due to being ill but also they are saying i have missed more lessons than i believe to be true, i am currently trying to prove that. with no warning i got an email saying i had been withdrawn already. i received this on the 6th february with no contact made between these times, i was wondering what the regulations are for ordering a withdrawal to a student and if i should of had more warning. i am currently trying to write an appeal to the university ready for wednesday, any help would be appreciated.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your question. My name is Jo and I will try to help with this.

How can I help withy this?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi i go to the university of west london studying acting for stage at the london college of music.

at the beginning of the year i missed a lot of lessons due to family reasons, i had a meeting with the course leader where he tried to get me to leave the course but said he wasn't able to withdraw me himself because of the reasons i have been off. so in the meeting he laid out a piece of paper with 4 things i had to do or i would be asked to leave, they called it a contract. i had to attend all lessons, go to extra curricular classes, go see a counselor twice and pass the practical part of my improvisation exam. i had to either sign this or withdraw they were my options. my course leader then told me he thought i had anxiety issues and made me go to the counsellor strait after my meeting and my attendance officer was the one who told him what they thought was wrong with me, i didn't have any say in the manor. when i was alone with the counsellor i didn't want to talk to him so i told him everything was fine i had a bad time but its okay now and he said i didn't have to come back again, they are saying i have breached that part of the contract now. with the extra curricular classes i went to the main one called glee the other two, one is audition only and the other i was told my class doesn't go to so i didn't, there was one other class called musicianship but i have my grade 6 in piano and we don't even go that high. glee is not a registered class and because the only teacher who teaches it does not know who i am they are saying i have not been going and i have breached that part of the contract as well. my improvisation exam i passed the written and i was only a few marks off passing the practical so i am entitled to a resit but i don't believe they are going to give me that chance as they have already withdrawn me. the last pert of the contract was that i had to attend every lesson. i did attend every lesson i was able to unless i was ill, part of this is my fault as i have not been the best at communicating this to the uni. but they are saying i have missed more lesson than i actually have and when i confronted them on this they asked if i were saying the teacher is lying, i am currently going through all my work to look at dates and then the dates i have supposedly missed to see if i can prove that they are mistaken. so after my meeting on 20/11/2013 i carried on with my lessons getting all work done on time, still catching up on all the work i missed, getting along with my class mates, really settling in, i thought everything was fine i had no reason to think it wasn't as i had heard nothing. after the christmas holiday i took part in a self direct project that we all performed in front of each other for fun, and then went back to my lessons, but apparently i had already been withdrawn even though i was still on the register and my teacher who was my tutor didn't seem to know. i received my first email from the uni after the 20/11/2013 on 06/02/2014 saying i have been withdraw, i am now writing an appeal to present on wednesday to try and get my place back. i have to present it to my course leader the man who wanted me to leave the course strait away its him alone who decides my fate, i have got lots of people writing statements for me and i'm trying to get as much as possible to to present to him. but unfortunately i feel his mind is probably already made up so i was wondering what the rules and regulations are on ordering a withdrawal and if they might have missed any steps and of given me more notice?

Expert:  Jo C. replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the information.

This fundamentally comes down to the University constitution.

These Universities are charities for quite complicated reasons. They are governed by law but this particular issue is governed by the constitution only. If you can show breaches within that then you may well have a challenge.

Their point is a simple one though and that is that you didn't comply with the contract which you do broadly seem to accept.

You might find that the constitution demands a certain amount of notice but they do seem to have made efforst to work with you first so that could be an issue.

Sorry if this is bad news.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more information.