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My daughter, who is over 18, has been banned from all house

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My daughter, who is over 18, has been banned from all house of frazer stores as she tried to steal something and got caught. She has taken something from the store before but in another area of the uk. I understand her description will most likely be passed around all the stores. She is worried they can they charge her for previous offences if they recognise her description. Can you give any advice please? Can they charge her if anything else Is found?

LondonlawyerJ :

Hello I am a solicitor with over 15 years experience. I will try to help you with this.

LondonlawyerJ :

Am I right in thinking that she has not been arrested for this? Am I also right in thinking that she has been caught once and banned but not referred to the police, She had stolen from other shop without being caught and is worried that now her description has been circulated she will be in further trouble and that the police might be called?

Customer: This is her first offence. The police were called and she had to sign a caution from and was told she will get a fine. She has since told me she has taken from other house of frazer stores and is worried her image will get circulated and be caught for the other offences if she is recognised from the photo. Also, will her photo get circulated to the other stores and how will it get circulated? Will the caution show up on a crb? Just trying to calm her down
Customer: She never got caught stealing the other 2 times she did it She is worried security may have been wary or noticed her and if a photo gets circulated they may look at past footage and charge her. She certainly won't be doing it again
LondonlawyerJ :

I am on my way to court at the moment but will answer your question when I finish at court hopefully later this morning. I Hope that is OK.

Customer: Thank you. She now says that she took the items but then put them back. Either way can you please tell me what could happen as I am extremely worried
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If she was arrested and accepted a caution that means that she will have signed a form admitting that she committed the offence for which she was cautioned. She will not be fined if she has been cautioned. Sometimes shops will pursue shoplifters for compensation which is worked out as value of goods taken (if any) and a payment towards their security costs. This will start with a letter demanding payment.

As far as other offences are concerned, probably the risk is more imagined than real. It would take quite a bit of effort for the shop staff to link her face to particular incidents especially as she was not caught on those occasions. I guess it is possible but I would say practically very unlikely.

A caution is not a conviction it will not show up on a routine criminal records check. However, a record is kept on the Police National Computer. If she is arrested again it makes it less likely that she will be offered a caution and more likely that she will be prosecuted in court. Aso for jobs where more in depth searches are carried out it might show up. It can also have an adverse effect on visa applications to visit some countries.

I hope this answers your question but please feel free to ask further questions.