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Jo C.
Jo C., Barrister
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I was burgled 3-4 months ago and suffered a loss of property.

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I was burgled 3-4 months ago and suffered a loss of property. It still is a complete shock to me. They stole thousands of £'s worth of items. I did not have insurance unfortunately (long story) but do have it now in addition to CCTV cameras being installed and alarm systems.

I managed to catch 1 of 3 people. The person is a repeat offender and was remanded in custody until recently where he decided to plead guilty (early guilty). I was there at the crown court and I did ask to claim compensation.
HHJ was very sympathetic to my case and my loss and said she would like to award the compensation to me but feels the culprit has no money.

he has been given 2 years sentence (1 year inside and 1 year on tag). he already has previous 16 convictions.

obviously this is not enough for me to start over again.

can I still claim compensation? if so - how? I will not let such people get away as I have always been pushed around and see others claims thousands on compensation for very petty things - this is very serious and has affected my business and income as well as my plans for moving to the US as the monetary value stolen was contributing to the application.

This is not a "tit for tat" type of question but rather putting things right and getting back what is rightfully mine. I lost a lot of valuables and sentimental items and I will never get them back. I am annoyed at how the whole process was dealt with as the forensics did NOT find the phone that he dropped but I did after the forensics left.

Cutting to the point - there should be a way for me to claim compensation?

Jo C. :

Hi. Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this. So just to be clear you wish to claim against the burglar personally?


Thank you for your response. The burglar or government... whoever is appropriate here or a combination of both

Jo C. :

I'm going to convert this to Q and A if thats OK.


I've converted this to Q and A as its easier to respond.

You do have a claim. However, it is against the burglar. He is the one responsible for your losses.

The problem with that is that there is no point in suing a person who cannot pay the award and he is in prison. Obviously some people do have assets despite being in prison but not usually the type of people who commit offences of burglary. I have been at the Bar long enough to know that burglars are generally those dealing with a drug addiction and people with drug addictions do not have savings.

You could sue him in prison. There is no point if he cannot pay.

You could sue him when he leaves but unless his lifestyle changes fundamentally you would get the same result.

Sadly the Government do not offer compensation for offences of this kind. The criminal injuries board only compensations for violent and sexual offences which is an outrageous anomaly in particular because dwelling burglary is vastly more emotionally disturbing than quite a lot of these trivial offences that fall within their remit.

I'm sorry this isn't the answer you wanted but it is the position that you face and I have a duty to inform you truthfully.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more information.

Jo C. and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Jo. I appreciate it.

indeed, it is unfair on many levels even though I have been the one doing the hard work to find out who it is and the circumstances. my privacy and business has been invaded with a lot of circumstances being involved/


surely I can claim compensation if not against him, then his family? its also frustrating that this guy already has a child (1 year old) and my high tax money pays for their benefits.

Its outrageous. Burglary is an under sentenced crime. We are so busy mediating domestic and neighbour disputes that there are no resources for proper offences.

His family are not liable I'm afraid. They are not directly responsible for his actions on this occasion although, of course, you could argue that if he had been raised in a hard working law abiding family he probably wouldn't be out doing burglaries.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so pretty much for the loss of £17K worth of equipment including expenses incurred prohibits me from claiming compensation because this scrote can't afford to pay me back?

certainly can afford to burgle and keep others involved from being mentioned....

Sadly that is right effectively.
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