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hello, i work in an industrial unit and it is split level,,

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hello, i work in an industrial unit and it is split level,, upstairs is a mechanic workshop and downstairs is a bodyshop. i work downstairs and they are 2 separate business.
the mechanic has closed down as business is dead and he owes the landlord money.
the mechanic has taken some of his tools and equipment but has been unable to collect the rest as the landlord has changed the locks and put signs up saying no one is allowed to enter said premises without permision. the mechanic has been told he is not allowed on site at all and cannot enter via our entrance either , apparently by law ?? says the landlord who is planning on selling the rest of the mechanics belongings and vehicles as he is holding it all to ransom.

Also the mechanic has left some items of his in our part of the building and has offered them for sale to us ,,now the landlord has said we are not to give the mechanic any money for the items and should pay him for the items instead.. well surely this is wrong the landlord doesnt own the items they belong to the mechanic.. The mechanic owes the landlord money not the specific items that are still there.

i bought a welder from the mechanic the same week that he left, before the landlord locked it all up ! i payed him cash and have a reciept from him. the landlord has since found out and says it belongs to him and i must not remove it from our workshop, this is my welder and has nothing to do with the landlord at all, i wish i had just taken it off the premises when i first bought it. which i still might do tomorrow.

i was told that if the mechanic complains to the police that the landlord is holding his items , they can all visit the premises and the police can ask the landlord to back away while the mechanic collects the rest of his equipment,, as it is a civil matter the only way for the landlord to claim any money is to take him to court !

i hope this is not too long and you can make sense of it...
i await your reply

Well, if the mechanic owned the welder, then he was perfectly within his right to sell it to you and you have a receipt to prove that you paid the mechanic for the welder.

Whatever issue the landlord has with the mechanic is between them and the landlord should not involve you in it.

Unless the mechanic asks you to do so, you should not hand over any items or money belonging to the mechanic to the landlord.

Yes, it may be good for the police to be called here to avoid any disorder.

All the best
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