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Was at a hospital as a renal patient for several years, without

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Was at a hospital as a renal patient for several years, without warning staff started treating me nastily...sarcasm, nasty quips, nasty looks, and then as time went on I was bashed into, a patient spat over me, and I wasn't looked after at all.
When the transplant came up, it was done at another hospital...I transferred to this hospital, but three months later my digestive system stopped working. I spent two months as an in patient whilst they investigated. Now, five years on, I am receiving parentarel treatment (feed thru a tube in chest).
Although this happened as a result of staying on dialysis longer than usual, why didn't the previous hospital do anything when, for at least a year, I was bleeding into the dialysis bags?
Also, I only began to see the consultant who dealt with the CAPD dialysis weeks before the transplant, and my file could not be located, so another one was started ( my file was difficult to locate when I transferred to the new hospital aswell).

My question is:
IS there anything to be done about this, or is it too late?

I know that this reads as an incredulous account, and based on other things that I can't properly prove, I think one or more staff members from the old hospital have been blackening my character to acquaintances at the newer hospital. This is because I bumped into one who was very hostile to me, and observed said person talking to someone, who then commented that she 'knew all about me!' again, in a hostile way.

If you can humour me with some advice, I would be very grateful!!

LondonlawyerJ :

Hello I am a lawyer with over 15 years experience. I will try to help you with this.

LondonlawyerJ :

Can you tell me do you think your current problems have been caused or exacerbated by the treatment you describe and when did you become aware of the current problems?

Customer: Hello there
Customer: I am still dumbfounded, to this day, why the unit became hostile to me, and subsequently left me to get on with it. When on my version of dialysis, it is tested every six months to see if it is still working well, and a patient brings in the drain out bags from the day before to be tested. I brought in bags that were red, twice, so that counts as a whole year, and no follow up was done. I became anaemic, and the anaemia department in the unit didn't bother either. I was very lucky that the transplant came up when it did, and I subsequently transferred to the new hospital whilst recovering. I think that because I was on this form of dialysis for longer than usual, it put me in the danger zone, even though I wasn't told about potential risks, but why didn't the unit do anything when I was bleeding into the drain out bags?
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Thankyou for that. I will answer you later this evening.
LondonlawyerJ and 2 other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Hello again. I will not be able to comment on the medical aspects of your case but clearly there is the possibility that you may be the victim of medical negligence. In terms of whether you are able to bring a claim this long after the negligence may have taken place there are rules relating to time limits.
The basic rule is that you must bring your claim within 3 years of when the injury was sustained or when you had knowledge of the damage, whichever is latest. This does not mean necessarily mean that you can not bring a claim as this is just the basic rule and it may still be possible.
You should contact a specialist medical negligence solicitor for advice on this. Many of these cases are taken on a no win no fee basis. Follow this link to find members of the professional body for Med Neg solicitors local to you.
I hope this answer is helpful but please feel free to ask me follow up questions.