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My step-daughter has been forced, with threat of her daughters

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My step-daughter has been forced, with threat of her daughters being taken away, by local police child protection working with Social Services. Our eldest grand-daughter 11 years old has spent days and even weeks with my wife and myself especially when frequently ill as our daughter worked and is a single mum, Our Grand-daughter has been questioned by child protection and stated I had never done anything inappropriate. They have shown my step-daughter my so called police record and threatened my wife and me to show it to our neighbours.

My point is this - My last conviction (indecent assaults) was 28 years ago and this record apparently lists every NG trial since my convictions and also a case where I was interviewed with solicitor present but never charged in 2006. This one even lists 4 distinct counts which is odd as I was never charged. There has been no legal action to back up these police social services threats. Even my wife who has virtually brought up both girls is now barred from seeing them unsupervised. We have been married 15 years now and my wife knows very well that Ng verdicts were justified and witnesses had lied and these prosecutions were made solely through a vendetta against me by the police. So are the police allowed to try and demonise me further by listing NG verdicts and interview where I was never charged?
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
How did the Social Services become involved?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My wife worked as a volunteer at an autism day centre. There was falling-out last year due to the proprietors total lack of safeguarding. Somebody reported her to Social Services but it was not my wife at that time. But in mid January 2014 in 24 hours the woman tried to destroy our family by various methods including summarily sacking our daughter - a falsified Count Court claim for £1500 - falsely reporting my wife to Social Services for parking on her land whereas we were collecting our daughter parked on a main road. Then, although she knew I had a police record 8 years ago I'm toldm she phoned the dad of our daughter's youngest girl telling him to phone the police as I had a conviction for indecent assault (he knew of it) as I could be baby -sitting the girls and a policeman went to her house and looked in every room and left puzzled. I have never even been to our daughter's home.. Within two days child protection police & social workers were threatening her and have continued daily ever since

Has your step daughter sought Legal advice at all?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No she has from the start been told she cannot have any person present to advise her but could have a silent witness at the meetings but not her mother. So our daughter is terrified of them and is docile and did not want to aggravate them as they threatened her with an entitlement to take the girls away from her so she is being compliant. And today she even moved home to another county on their advice.

So she has in fact now moved away?
In respect of your original question I am afraid that in these circumstances the Police are in fact obliged to provide details of all involvement with you - including times when all that happened was that you wer interviewed, so sadly they have done nothing wrong
Please ask if you need further details
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