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Hi, need some advice on an executive/beneficiary family situation.

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Hi, need some advice on an executive/beneficiary family situation. my grandfather passed away last year, with his estate being left to his 7 children (2 of which was executives) and a field was left to 14 of us grandchildren with a clause for it not to be sold. (Which I know can if all agree) the field is only used by 1 of the siblings and 1 of the 14 grandchildren (his son) so the other 13 have no use or benefit at all for it. The field was valued at approx 30k as it stands but could make up to 50 at auction. One of the executives said the brother that uses it could buy it for 30 but said no to another brother who offered to pay 35k so he's favouring one over another and has not got us 14 beneficiaries best interest at heart, we have a long term family feud to add to the mix and certain family members get evrything they want and their own way. The field is in us 14 grandchildrens names but they have now named 4 on the l on the land registry and executives for the field (4 that are in the click) to which some of us are unhappy with, is there anyway anything can be overturned as it is all done to favour 1 over the rest of us which I believe is not the job of an executive. It's not about the money it's the principles within the family, we are all named equally so why should 1 benefit? If the field was agreed to be sold can it be overruled that it goes to auction or to the highest bidder just sp that it is done fairly and not sold to who is favoured and at a favoured price, surely if they want it they can go to the auction and bid fair and square for it? If you feel that nothing can be done are we quite within our rights to have the field divided into 14 parts so we all have our equal share to do with as we wish? Outside of the thoughts of the 4 named of the land registry or the original executives (Petty I know but that is what it is coming too!) thank you reading my query.
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There are only four names listed on the Land Registry document as that is the maximum allowed, it does not give those four any greater level of ownership than the others.
With regard to the sale price the Executor is under a personal liability to obtain the best price if the property is sold - so if he or she does not then they will have to account for the shortfall
Please ask if you need further details
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