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Backround info: I am planning to start an online DJ (Disc

Customer Question

Backround info: I am planning to start an online DJ (Disc Jockey) booking agency/e commerce business. The user will make an enquiry by selecting the date, location, occasion and duration of their party/event. The system will then automatically search and assign an available DJ fitting to the users criteria and quote them. The user can then proceed to book by paying a non-refundable £15 booking fee. The rest of the fee will be paid directly to the DJ either by cash, cheque or bank transfer etc by the user in person. My question: Would it be legally acceptable if the booking contract (signed online) makes it clear to the user that this business acts as a sales negotiator and administration only, and that any issue with the DJ be dealt with the DJ directly in the event of non-arrival or any form of contract breach by the DJ? The client will have the DJs contact details and address as part of their contract, together with the details of the event itself. Side note; The user would have amenities by using the website which they would otherwise not have had access to had they booked the DJ directly. One example if this is access to a music search database whereby the user can search, audition, and select music to build a request list online which will be transfered/emailed to the DJ upon booking. When DJs sign up to join the agency, their terms will state that unless they declare unavailability beforehand on any particular date using the online tools provided, the system will automatically book them on any date of the year. In the event the DJ needs to cancel their performance between the time which the system allocates them to an event, and the event date itself, it will be wholly the DJ's responsibility to find a replacing DJ that the client agrees to have for the event. However, the system can assist them in finding other DJs too with a range on online tools available to the DJ.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 4 years ago.
Hello,Yes, what you are proposing is fine, as it is a contractual matter between you and the client. You will need to have two separate sets of terms, one with the customer and the other one with the DJ. You terms with the DJs should include an indemnity from them to you cover you against all costs actions damages arising in the event that the DJ cancels or is negligent. Hope this helps