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Contract Query; Im a young Medical Student currently based

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Contract Query;

I'm a young Medical Student currently based within London looking to transfer my studies to Bulgaria in October 2014 both for financial reasons and the slight differences in speciality overall on the course.

I've called the embassy and various universities (also speaking to some current students/customers) and I'm confident that the Agency that I'm using is legal and reputable.

They've passed over a Contract for me to consider, and then sign to start my application process. The Contract is long, extensive and specific... and although I feel comforted that the document covers all aspects of my relationship with the agency over the next 6 years... its still a type of document which I've never experienced before.

My Question,
Who can I seek advice from, in regards XXXXX XXXXX the contract and advising me that the knowledge and information that I have been given by the Agency... is truly reflected within the contract that I need to sign. There are vast amounts of disclaimers and threats of 'contractual fines' contained within the text, and it would be supporting to know that the process as I know it... will not entail a period of fines for not upholding details stated in this contract (or if they do, I want to be fully knowledgeable of them)

Am I able to contact any solicitors and ask them to overview this?
Or am I able to upload the document to this website for your convenience?

Thank you for your time,

I would advise you to show the contract to a solicitor to review and advise you.
This is a public website and your contract will not be confidential here and from what you have said, you should keep it confidential.

You may contact a few firms of solicitors, there are very many in London, and see if any will assist you. You should agree on their terms beforehand.
You may use the Law Society search facility for a solicitor :

Hope this helps
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