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Combat Stress organisation discrimination.

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I attend Combat Stress(charity for ex services mental welfare problems) on a regular basis. They provide for their employees charity funded transport to collect them and return them to the railway station every day as required. This is an incentive for them to work at CS as it is situated outside the London Waiting area. Yet, they will not pick up destitute, poor, out of work ex servicemen who have to attend for treatment due to illness, from the railway station. Or collect the same mentally ill patients if they happen to get lost and arrive at the wrong station as some times does happen. It is left up to us other patients to see them back to the station in our own transport after their stay or if they have to leave early. I think this is unfair as the charity money is for the use of us all, patients, employees, admin and property maintenance. Please help thankyou. I consider this to be Discrimination against the serviceman, would you agree?


How long have you been attending for?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

About 19 years on and off.

Thank you. Yes, Combat Stress is treating its employees more favourably than patients but in law, this would not amount to discrimination I am afraid.The protected characteristics are age, gender, marriage, pregnancy, race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.If Combat Stress was treating some patients less favourably due to their disability, age etc. than that would amount to discrimination contrary to the law, but here it is simply treating all patients equally by not providing transport for them.If transport is to also be provided to patients as well as employees, then a policy change is required within the organisation, perhaps this may be achieved by lobbying.Hope this helps
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Some patients who are elderly or infirm are collected from great distances ie Preston, Southampton etc, but the others are not picked up from the station, even when lost. Some of the lads are sleeping rough and do not have money or transport to progress to their treatment centre.

Warrant's are issued to get to the station but no further and it is now over £8 for the last mile. it is ok to pick up the workers though, doesn't make sense. Thanks very much.

I agree it doesn't make sense and the management of the organisation should address this inequalities by changing their policy.

Legally, I am afraid the process will be costly and time consuming.

All the best
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