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My husband and I had a baby boy on 7 January 2014 through a

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My husband and I had a baby boy on 7 January 2014 through a surrogacy arranged in India. All relevant paperwork to support the MNI form has been submitted to the Border Agency. They confirmed receipt of these documents on 30 January 2014.

After the birth of our son, my husband travelled to India and arranged accommodation in order to discharge our son from the hospital and look after him with the help of a nanny until all legal formalities were complete to bring our son home. Being the breadwinner, I have work commitments and could not travel to India with my husband to be with our son.

However, due to the overwhelming situation, (i.e. the birth of our son after eleven years of marriage and adjusting to the different lifestyle in India), he started to experience anxiety and stress, which triggered his mental condition and he started to relapse ten days later. (He has got Bipolar Affective Disorder).

I made an emergency trip to India on 22 January and arranged with the hospital to look after our son, as we don’t have family or friends in India. The remuneration for this service is £1,825 per month.

The following day my husband and I flew back to the UK where he was assessed and sectioned under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act.

Can I write to the Border Agency to explain my situation so that they can expedite our son's paperwork? Or will I be jeopardizing the application?

Sorry to hear about this.

Yes, you should write to the UK Border Agency requesting them to expedite the MN1 application on the grounds that you have raised, they will require proof that your son is in India currently being cared for by the hospital, and proof of his medical condition and proof that your husband has been sectioned.

The Home Office has discretion to expedite the application on compelling grounds.

All the best
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX problem is I can't write a good letter highlighting these facts. I can get the hospital in India to send me a letter confirming this, and I do have a letter from the hospital stating that my husband is under Section 2, the last conversation I had with my husband's psychiatrist was last week when he confirmed that he will be looking into having my husband Sectioned under Section 3, as, unfortunately, my husband is still unwell. Would you be able to draft me a letter, I don't mind paying extra for this?


The letter doesn't have to be complicated, it can be simple along the following lines:

Dear Sirs,

I refer to the MN1 application for >>>>>>>>>give your son's name and date of birth<<<<< submitted on >>>> under your reference>>>>>>

I would kindly request that the above application be expedited on the grounds that my son is currently in India being cared for by >>>hospital details<<< and he has a medical condition known as >>>>give details<<<. Please see attached copies of letters from the hospitall in respect of my son.

My husband has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act, see attached copies of correspondence.

In view of the foregoing, I wish to have my son brought to the UK as soon as possible and thank you in anticipation.

Thank you,

Your name
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You're a superstar!!!


Thank you for this draft, (I've emailed the doctor in India to send me a letter confirming that my son is under his care and supervision as we don't have family or friends in India, and I also have a letter from my husband's psyciatrist who confirms my husband's hospitalisation.


I will send the letter this week to the Border Agency.


Thank you once again. x


Welcome and thank you very much.

All the best