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I was privately renting a property for 8 years. I paid a total

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I was privately renting a property for 8 years. I paid a total of 53,490 rent over that period.
I paid two deposits one on first moving in through a letting agent- amount 500. another when the property was bought through our letting agent by another buyer. I had to pay him another £500. and sign a new agreement. I never received my first deposit back as we were continuous tenant in the property and I was upset and confused as to why I had to pay another deposit- however I did. The original letting agents closed up shop and were not contactable.

Mid September 2013 after 8 years as good tenants who kept the house in very good order, we were given a month to leave the property as the landlord needed to sell. I asked for my deposits back and was refused. The landlord is looking for us to pay him £1,600.91. I have explained our scenario and said i would be happy to pay 600.91 pounds as I have not received my deposits back even though the house was left in great working order.

This offer was refused and I received a letter saying unless i pay within seven days legal action will be taken against me.

Can you give me some sound advice?

Much appreciated.

First of all, you did not need to leave the property unless the landlord obtains a possession order from the court and sends in bailiffs to evict you.

However, you will be liable for any rent due up to the time you leave the property.

Secondly, I do not know why the landlord is asking you for 1600.91 but I am afraid you may only set off the 500 deposit if this was agreed with the landlord. The previous 500 would not be the current landlord's responsibility as that was agreed with the previous landlord and agent and you would need to chase them for it.

Hope this helps
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