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I have been renting [email protected] 3 bedroom house since October 2012.

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I have been renting [email protected] 3 bedroom house since October 2012. The tenancy agreement was initially for 6 months and then a year, which expires on the 14th May2014.
During this time I have been in full time employment on a contract that expires on the 31st March 2014. I have been verbally told that I will be offered a permanent contract from the 1st April 2014, but my employers are not yet in a position to give me anything in writing to confirm this.
My landlady in formed me that unless she has something in writing from my employer by the 14 March 2014, she will give me 2 months notice to quit the property. My employer says that under the Data Protection Act, they cannot give this information to a 3rd party and that a decision to issue me a new contract will not be made till the end of March due to internal promotions yet to be agreed.
She says her insurance policy for the house does not cover her her a tenant who is not 'Professionally' employed and unless she has written proof of my continued employment I can no longer rent and live in this house.
My question is, is there such an insurance which dictates who can live in the insured house and that they have to be in full time professional employment and can she force me to leave against my will?

Yes, I have heard of such insurance policies but this is really a problem for your landlady, she does not need to take out such insurance and it is her choice that she has decided to take it out.

She cannot evict you from the property simply by issuing you 2 months notice, she would need to get a court order forcing you to leave and even then you do not need to leave until bailiffs come around to evict you.

This process will take a few months and ceratinly not before the 2 months notice has expired.

So I would simply tell your landlady that you will try and give them something from your employer, by the date she wants it, but if this doesn't come through by then, youi don't need to worry, you could simply keep fobbing her off.

Hope this helps
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Told the landlady what I thought of her!

I downsized and moved.

Thanks for your advice.

Noted, thanks