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Background first (im not looking for sympathy, ive been incredibly

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Background first (im not looking for sympathy, ive been incredibly stupid, stupid beyond reason) anyway, I was going through a bad patch many years ago, after the birth of my daughter (now 15) and i began an affair with a woman. this lasted (visits were very infrequent) several YEARS. I tried before to end it years ago and she threatened to tell my wife. (nothing written, or texted, just verbal). Anyway, things came to a head in November last and i thought it was all done and dusted and over.
Anyway, i run my own company, listed in companies house and this woman must have dug up the information for my home address (i have already over the years had to change my phone number as she actually called my home once, after finding the number). So, on February the 8th, she sent a letter, plain brown envelope, with a hand made card (very childish in content) but addressed to my company. then valentines day, she sent another card, this time not in a plain brown envelope, clearly addressed to me with all sorts of writing on the back confessing her undying love. This is causing me an unbelievable amount of stress and distress and god knows what would happen if my daughter or wife ever found out. Please dont waste your time judgeing me, i have been doing that quite severely myself. I need to know what my options are. all i want is for her to stop, move on, leave me alone. i dont want any contact from her and i dont want anything delivered to my address. i fear next she will write directly to my wife. Is there anything i can do. i have looked into things online. she is from yorkshire but lives in scotland, my home address is in somerset and i curently work in Norway. has she, been in breach of the protection from harassment act 1997, section (3) possibly. could we write her a cease and desist letter,? in your opinion, would it be worth it, or is this terminal (for me i mean)?

I am sorry about this.

This is a Q&A site and we cannot act for clients.

However, it seems that this woman is harassing you and you should report her to the police, you may wish to warn her first that unless she stops harassing you, you will report her to the police. The police may warn her to stop and if she doesn't she may be arrested and charged.

You may wish to also come clean with your family so that they know that you are being harassed for a mistake made a few years back.

Hope this helps
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