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Ben Jones
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Could you tell me who is the legal owner of the car in UK?

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Could you tell me who is the legal owner of the car in UK? What's document is a proof of car ownership? Can my partner sell my car if he is not the owner, just keeper on DVLA form?

Ben Jones :

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today.

Ben Jones :

There is no specific document which proves the legal owner of a car. The registered keeper is not necessarily the legal owner and the two are entirely different. The legal owner is either the person who has purchased the car, or a person to whom the buyer has gifted the car. So a receipt of purchase or proof of gift are the two most common ways to prove ownership if it comes under dispute

Customer: Hello Ben. How my partner can proof that the car was a gift from me to him?
Customer: I understand that he needs some kind of document in writing from me that is the gift correct?
Ben Jones :

yes that can suffice, for example something in writing that confirms you have gifted the car to him. There is no formal document to confirm a gift though, many gifts are jst given with no accompanying documents and it is the intentions of the parties that transfer the ownership

Customer: Last question: so what would be your best advice to me in situation: I think my partner is with me for money reason only and now he asked for a car. He wants car on his name - log book. I am not sure if he is honest so I will buy him a car but I want to keep it as owner( he doesn't need to know this) so in case he will leave me I can keep the car. Is that make sens? Shall I just keep receipt from purchasing the vehicle? Is that enough?
Ben Jones :

That is a good start and make no promises or statements that you are gifting him the car

Ben Jones :

But in the event of a dispute where the only evidence is a receipt in your name, it would help you more than him

Customer: So which document you need to sell your car?
Customer: Can he sell the car if he is not the owner just keeper?
Ben Jones :

you do not need to prove you are the owner of a car to sell it, you can do this just with the logbook if necessary

Ben Jones :

But then in the event of a dispute the legal owner can challenge the sale and try to overturn it

Customer: I's look like very dangerous ground to buy him a car. He might sell it then and disappear and by low it's ok
Ben Jones :

yes that is possible unfortunately

Customer: Wow...that's a shock to me. Thank you very much for your help.
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