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Please could you advise on a possible discrepancy with regard

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Please could you advise on a possible discrepancy with regard to legal middle names of both myself and my daughter. My birth certificate gives my name as P.J.Y (2 Christian names and surname) In 1977 I began using my father's middle name M instead of J, and all my documents, bank accounts, driving licence passport show my name as P.M.Y(although my tax and health records still show me as P.J.Y). My mother has named me in her will and on her power of attorney document as P.J.Y and is worried that this could be a problem in establishing my true identity.

Similarly, we adopted our daughter as a baby in China in 1995. Prior to her adoption we had decided to name her R.J.Y. Her Chinese name was L(surname) X (given name). On completing the adoption we decided to keep her given Chinese name and named her R.X. Y. The translated Chinese adoption certificate gives her new name as R.J.Y as does her British birth certificate. Her certificate of British citizenship is R.X.Y. This is the name on all her documents and passport.
Do you advise any official action we need to take to clarify these discrepancies, if either situation is ever queried, or would it be sufficient to say we are "also known as" in view of the fact that our main first and last names have never changed?

You do not need to worry.

You may simply make a statutory declaration attesting to the fact that you are known by the two names P. J.Y and P.M.Y. There is no issue with you being named as P.J.Y in your mother's Will and Power of Attorney.

The same goes for your adopted daughter.

Hope this clarifies.

All the best
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