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Good Evening,We have a 9 year old son with Spina Bifida

Customer Question

Good Evening, We have a 9 year old son with Spina Bifida and spends a lot of time in his wheelchair. He has now got a pressure sore which is felt to be due to the wheelchair cushion that he has. We have been waiting for a cushion to come through from NHS Medway Wheelchair Services. We had an appointment with them in August 2013 and they were supposed to have ordered a special cushion for him after the appointment, they gave him a temporary cushion to see him through while the other cushion was coming through - in the event, the sore he has now developed in December 2013 and the service was asked about the cushion and it hadn't been ordered. We had another meeting with them in January, still no cushion has arrived. He has now missed 8 weeks of school and social life because he is not meant to be resting, he is having a tutor visit the house to give him 5 hours a week education. A number of professionals involved in his care have been in touch with Wheelchair Services, and we're all getting told the same story - the cushion hasn't come in yet, we'll let you know when it arrives. At present, we are now funding our own cushion for him, which is costing us over £300. We haven't spoken to PALS or any other complaints body. Should we consider engaging a solicitor/lawyer in legal action, what is the best way to resolve this situation - bearing in mind any costs which may be involved? Julian XXXXXXX

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 4 years ago.

Sorry to hear about this.

At this stage, I would not advise you to take legal action or appoint Solicitors as the legal costs will be far higher than the 300 pounds or so that you are paying for the cushion.

You should start off by lodging a formal complaint. The procedure is set out here and PALS may help with the complaint:

If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint is handled, you may complain further to the Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman

You should be able to get this resolved eventually.

Hope this helps